Allowances/discounts on orders

Hello - two of our fully integrated customers send allowances/discounts on their orders when they send them via SPS, once the orders hit Sage 500, I can see the allowance/discount percent and amount at a line level, however, for whatever reason, I have a hadnful of the same items repeatedly not pulling the allowance/discount percent and amount under sales order lines 

Since these are integrated customers this is not set up at the "Trade Discount" level under maintain customers as I use that function for webform only customers to pull their discounts on the sales orders

The issue then is because it is not pulled in on the sales order, after we ship, the invoice is not calculating properly, when then results in an 864 Test message error until I manualyl resend the invoice in SPS with the correct amount

Is my issue tied to the item itself somehow and how can I get these items to pull the allowance/discount percent and amount at the sales order line level in Sage 500

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    Not sure what you're referencing as an "integrated" customer, but if SPS is creating orders using the standard API then this could be a configuration problem. My recommendation would be to start by confirming the price source to determine if there is a hierarchy problem with the customer/item pricing. You can do this within Enter Sales Orders with a right-click on one of the lines in question, then select Price from the context menu. The Price Inquiry should indicate the origin of the price. You could also try this approach using a test order for the customer/item that you enter manually.

    Review the configuration of the item(s) in question to determine if a sales attribute is presenting a problem. In Maintain Items / Sales tab, the most likely culprits would be Allow Price Override and Subject to Trade Discount. You should compare the sales attributes to an item that is working for you.

    If you have a custom pricing engine or have modified the native API, you're probably going to have to dig into those modifications a bit deeper. You didn't indicate the Sage 500 order or invoice are out of balance, only the ASN and/or invoice sent to the customer. You should be able to pull the details of your out of balance 856 or 810 documents for review and comparison to the Sage 500 documents as well.