• Attach files with Document Transmittal?

    We're currently auto-sending invoices via email through document transmittal. I'd love to be able to attach additional documentation (remittance instructions, W-9, credit card auth form, etc.) with the invoices that are sent via email. However, it doesn…
  • Attaching Invoices to blast emails/mail merge

    I'm new to using Sage 500. I've got a number of past due invoices to send out (talking hundreds). It would be helpful and more efficient if I could do a blast email via mail merge or another method. Is there a way to attach invoices from Sage to a blast…
  • New NACHA compliance changes in 2020

    Do we have any update on Sage 500 coming to meet the new NACHA requirements that are slated to take effect mid-2020? www.nacha.org/.../2020-brings-four-nacha-operating-rules-changes-are-you-ready
  • Emailing invoices

    Does anyone have step by step instructions on how to set up emailing invoices on version 7.40.20? I was told that I had to use the primary contacts email address. I would prefer to use a secondary email address.
  • How to stop Order Acknowledgements from repeating

    Ok this has got to be a simple check box but I'm going crazy trying to find it......we have many customers setup to get order acknowledgments via email, with the "Print/Acknowledge Sales Orders" task. The problem we're having is that once a customer is…