• Convert item type - item setup incorrectly

    We have a large number of items in our inventory that were setup incorrectly. The items have activity posted against them. Is there any way in the data tables to flip a raw material item to a finished good? For example, our BOM pulls together the…
  • Item Type

    Does anyone know where the Item Type table is in Sage 500? Thanks, Tina McLauchlan, Business Analyst Industrial Fabricators, Inc. 2408 Forbes Road Gastonia, NC 28052 (704) 864-3032 Ex 211 “Carpe Diem”
  • Error in CalcCrRatioSlackTime Routine

    Trying to run Schedule Generation for the first time and i'm getting a few errors. it was going through the steps and stopped at a work order. gave an "Error 5 occurred at frmmfzmn001 in Procedure cmdGenerateSched_Click. Invalid procedure call or argument…
  • Critical error during matching process

    Trying to post a Goods Receipt and get this message during matching. What would cause this?
  • Generating shipments

    I am receiving an error when trying to generate a shipment for a sales order. I have created a picklist and confirmed it however when I try to generate a shipment I receive a message: "No lines fit the specified criteria for generating shipments". I have…
  • Flat File Format

    Hello! Data Import Manager has a flat file option. What is the format of a flat file for a sales order import?
  • QtyOnWO doesn't match open WOs

    I've got an item showing QtyOnWO as -42, but don't have any open WOs or pending transactions. I seem to remember that there was a SQL SP to clean up this kind of situation. Any suggestions? thanks