• Sage 500 7.1 Update retail pricelist excluding some cusotmers

    Hello, when I recalculate prices on pricelist and then update it it is done for all prices in pricelist. Could you advice me how to achieve special prices for indivudual customers in this pricelist? Excample: Pricelist name - retail1 Customer1 - NiceCompany1…
  • Convert item type - item setup incorrectly

    We have a large number of items in our inventory that were setup incorrectly. The items have activity posted against them. Is there any way in the data tables to flip a raw material item to a finished good? For example, our BOM pulls together the…
  • Item Type

    Does anyone know where the Item Type table is in Sage 500? Thanks, Tina McLauchlan, Business Analyst Industrial Fabricators, Inc. 2408 Forbes Road Gastonia, NC 28052 (704) 864-3032 Ex 211 “Carpe Diem”
  • Labor Entry posting for the entire shift

    We have an issue with a product line, and we can't seem to correct it. On 90% of our routings for manufactured products, when we do a Labor Entry it calculates Overhead and Fixed costs using the pieces per hour and work center rates. One one product…
  • Production Scheduling in Sage?

    How are you currently scheduling you operation using Sage (or if at all?) Looking for options besides exporting to excel. We have multiple operations per customer unit. Any info on how you are handling master schedules is much appreciated.
  • Inventory Allocation

    Does Sage allow you to allocate OH inventory to only be shipped for a specific customer?
  • Can you adjust the time period used by Average cost?

    We are using Average Cost, but I"m finding that during the first couple of years using Sage MAS 500 there were a lot of issues with incorrect settings, bad data, user errors, etc.. and this has caused an inflated value with our average cost. Can I somehow…
  • Sage 500 ERP - Advanced Planning and Scheduling - Module Documentation Available?

    Hello Everyone, We are currently demoing the Sage 500 ERP Advanced Planning and Scheduling module with the hopes of implementing it to help us with manufacturing capacity planning. Would anyone happen to have actual documentation for the module? Our…
  • Sales order on hold, due to credit issues

    When putting a sales order on hold, due to credit issues, is there a way to also put the work order on hold?
  • Looking for help on finds the material Item field name/ table in maintain router

    I am trying to do a crystal report that I need to pull the field that is"material Item"(SEE THE YELLOW HIGHLIGHED that is located in Maintain Router, Detail, then material. The Operation type is Outside Processing. Does anyone know the table or view…
  • Does anyone know what a TranStatus of Incomplete in the tpoReceiverLog table means?

    We have some, less than 100, records in the tpoReceiverLog table that show a status of 1, which vListValidationString says is Incomplete. The RcvrKey 's do not exist in tpoReceiver, so I am suspecting that they are somehow orphaned records in the system…
  • Delete Pick Group

    I have SAGE500 linked with O2 mobile. Under O2 Maintain pick groups, how do I delete a created pick group?
  • Inventory Transaction History Analyzer, Stock Out and Lost Sales Quantity field calculation

    In the Inventory Transaction History Analyzer, does anyone know how are the Stock Out field and Lost Sales Quantity field calculated?
  • Product Configurator - Sage 500 ERP Manufacturing

    Has anyone implemented this module with Sage 500 Manufacturing in a discrete environment?
  • Sync Sage 500 to Webcart 2.0 Question

    A year ago we went live with Sage 500. I am happy with the functionality, especially the contract pricing charts for individual customers. This is a powerful tool for eliminating the need for sales reps to make external notes, where customer service used…
  • "child routing is inactive"

    In Sage 500 2014 - I have a routing that error on creating a work order. The error is "child routing is inactive" Does anyone know how to locate the child routing that is no active via a report or explorer. I have tried to check all the items on the BOM…
  • Conversion Methods

    Could someone explain an easy way to differentiate when to use... Units per Stock VS Stock per unit. We want to use conversion on Raw materials. Suppliers always list stuff as Pounds but we stock it as foot. The other one is we buy Packages…
  • Forecasting and Reporting on Kits

    "How do you forecast and report on kits in Sage 500 ERP" was a hot topic from the Sage City Live networking event at Sage Summit 2013. What are your thoughts?