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State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) review and wage limit updates

Please review your current State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) formulas to ensure the calculations are up to date with the current wage limits that apply to your company/business for the current payroll tax calendar year.

The following states had changes to state unemployment wage limits:

  • North Carolina (NC): 2024 Taxable Wage Base for NC SUI is $31,400
  • North Dakota (ND): 2024 Taxable Wage Base for ND SUI is $43,800
  • New Mexico (NM): 2024 Taxable Wage Base for NM SUI is $31,700
  • Oklahoma (OK): 2024 Taxable Wage Base for OK SUI is $27,000

Changes will not automatically be applied in Sage 50 and need to be set manually. Please refer to How to correct State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) limit or rate for instructions on how to update and for a comprehensive list of all wage limits for State Unemployment Taxes for the 2024 calendar as of the end of the 1st quarter.

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