Error message when I try to email a purchase order in Windows 10


I have had no problems emailing invoices or purchase orders since in downloaded Sage 2017 until today. Now I get the dreaded error message

"Printer not activated - Error Code 30" 

I cannot find the solution to this problem although I know I've had this issue in the past & got it resolved.

Can someone please help....this time I will surely save it for posterity.

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    There are several possibilities, but the most common fix is to delete Sage Email Writer from your printers and then reinstall Sage 50 using the Repair option.  Here are detailed steps on how to do that. These instructions are actually "Option II" from Knowledgebase ID:14659 Error: "Printer not activated error code -30" on Windows 8, 8.1, or 10 computer. So if these steps don't work, follow the link to see the other possible solutions.

    Option II: Remove the Email Writer and Run Repair on Sage 50

    1. Close Sage 50.
    2. Press WINDOWS KEY + R.
    3. Type Control, then click OK.
    4. Select Devices and Printers.
    5. Right-click on Sage 50 E-mail Writer v2 and select Remove Device.
    6. Also remove any other Peachtree or Sage E-mail Writer found.
    7. Click on any available printer.
    8. Select Print server properties at the top of the Devices and Printers screen.
    9. Select the Drivers tab.
    10. Select Amyuni Document Converter 450.
    11. Click Remove.
    12. Select Remove driver and driver package.
    13. Click OK.
    14. Go back to Print Server Properties.
    15. Select the Drivers tab.
    16. Select Amyuni Document Converter 300 or 500 (if present).
    17. Select Remove driver and driver package.
    18. Click OK.
    19. Run Repair; refer Article ID 10602 "How to run Repair" in Related Resources.
    20.  Press WINDOWS KEY + R
    21. Type Control, then click OK
    22. Select Devices and Printers. 
    23. In Devices and Printers right-click on the Sage 50 E-mail Writer v2 and select Printer properties.
    24. Click the Ports tab, then click the Add Port button.
    25. Select Local Port, then click the New Port button.
    26. Enter PDF1 as the port name, click OK.
    27. Switch to the Advanced tab.
    28. In the lower portion of the window, check the checkbox for Enable advanced printing features.
    29. Select Print directly to the printer.
    30. Click Apply then Close.
    31. Reboot the computer.
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    Thank you but this did not resolve the problem. I did talk to Sage & they said the problem is that there is a problem on Outlooks end due to Mapi configuration. I did a repair on office but that created other issues (as the Sage tech told me later he had others who had the same problem) that got screwed up unrelated to Sage. So, I'm getting ready to call Microsoft support.
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    I just got help for the same issue from a GREAT (analyst?) at Sage- Vadim. For some reason my company did not update automatically. While other users on our network were able to email, I suddenly could not email invoices through Sage. He updated for me (it would not download) and reset Thunderbird as the default. (Control panel, Default programs, set Thunderbird as default email client). Hope this helps.
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    What is Thunderbird? I'm assuming that is something to do with your network. At any rate I'm not on a network....single user!
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    Thunderbird is Mozilla's email app.
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    Interesting. Was Outlook the default email used before? I don't have Thunderbird & didn't even know it existed. I've used Outlook for years. I tried using gmail but it was too complicated to figure out how to change all the settings.
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    Actually, it was. I was having random errors between it and Sage, so I decided to try it. That switch has been a great improvement. I notice another issue. On our network, the other users don't seem to have the issues I do. I am in the habit of turning off my pc daily. I think this may interfere with automatic updates and then my problems begin. Be sure your version and build of Sage are the most current. I am sure StephenC can help you if that is required. Good luck!
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    Thanks, I don't turn my computer off. A friend who is a computer person told me not to. He said that turning it off often causes "hinky" things to happen. I always notice little things happening when I turned my laptop off & then turned it on the next day....such as the size of the icons changed, text sizes & other little oddities. I have not had that problem since I stopped turning it off.
    My Sage is up to date.

    I would be very interested to find out how to link Thunderbird to Sage. I have had this issue from time to time using Outlook & it's very frustrating to have to resolve the issue each time it happens.
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    Well all the time I spent on the phone with Microsoft to resolve the problem worked UNTIL today. Problem is back again.
    Can someone help me figure out how to download Thunderbird & make it work with Sage. I'm so tired of dealing with the Outlook problems & Sage ;(
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    You can download Thunderbird at

    How to set it up is a bigger question than can be easily covered here, but their support site is at

    Also, many email providers offer step by step instructions for setting up your account in Thunderbird.

    To get it to work with Sage 50, all you need to do is make sure Thunderbird is set as your default email client.