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Hi I have one question, I am upgrading to sage 50 premium 2021 desktop version, i have two single user licenses can i just add the second license to sage 50 after i install sage on 1 pc? so i will now have a multi user version to use on two pc's?

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    So sorry but you can't do exactly what you want because Sage can only look at 1 product serial number that unlocks 2 licenses.  However, in some cases, if you do NOT need both users to be in the same company at the same time, you can install each Sage 50 license as a stand alone where both the datapath and program path reside on each computers C drive. Then you can copy the data file and the Forms folder to the server. You will need to make sure each workstation is mapped to the network. Once all that is done, you can open Sage and browse to the actual company data. 

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    Hi one other question, so if i have a 2 user version of sage 50 premium can that be installed on more than 2 pcs? only two users will be using it but lets say i want it installed on a server and two desktop computers will the 2 user license be nough or will i have to get a 3 user license?

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    Each user needs an individual login name and password. If you have two user license you can have two logins (active status logins), etc. It does not matter that it is also installed on the server or another computer. Only the two user logins can be used and each one only on one computer at a time - you cannot use one user login on two computers at the same time. 

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    HowardE, you are exactly correct. Well worded.

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