Is there a way to view account reconciliations in a closed year?


My company is pretty out of date on a specific set of bank accounts - and by that I mean 3 years behind. This sage account is not used for the business purposes, but rather for the employer's personal trust information, so it hasn't been the end of the world or necessary, and the previous employee was ill for about a year, then died without updating anything. I recently started working for them, and happened to be tasked with inputting the 2021-2023 transactions for 3 accounts in this specific Sage company account. I was out for about a week while my mother was in the hospital about a month ago, and left while I was about halfway through updating these accounts. I was working one account at a time, rather than one year at a time, so only 2/3 of the accounts were updated to at least 2022.

I came back from my leave to find that another employee (senior over me) had closed out the 2021 year in this company - which has left me with an entire account that isn't reconciled to year end. I can make corrections and just add them to January 1 2022 - as this is not an official accounting for business records, but rather for personal trust information - but I do not know where the previous employee left off in the reconciliations for this account, so I've no clue where to start in the entry of missed transactions. Does anyone have any advice on how to view past reconciliations of closed years - or how to fix this issue without just putting in a journal entry that says "oops we messed up" for the amount that is unreconciled?