Sage 50 2024 Performance affected by Role permissions

I've been doing some testing recently and have found that users with less permissions in Sage are experiencing slower performance.

To recreate this User A is assigned Administrator role within Sage.


User B is assigned a custom Parts Dept role.This role provides Full Access to My Dashboard, Customer_Sales, Inventory_Services. No access to Employees_Payroll & Banking_General Ledger. Custom access to Vendors_Purchases & Company.

The custom access on Vendors_Purchases is Full Access except no Access on Tasks/Payments/Write Checks & Tasks/Void AP Checks.

The custom access on Company is No Access except Full Access on Maintenance/Jobs, Tasks/Action Items, Tasks/Transactions in Prior Periods, Tasks/Find Transactions, Tasks/Post, Tasks/Un-Post, Tasks/Purge, Tasks/Time and Expense Tickets, Tasks/SDK Data Access, Reports/Audit Trail, Reports/Find Transactions, Reports/Jobs, Reports/Time and Expense, Reports/ReportGroups. Maintenance/User Login Manager is set to View Only. 

With the above role settings User B experiences slower loading times for inventory list, item costing report, inventory valuation reports, etc. I am looking for a solution to this issue. 

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