Posting Methods - Real Time versus SmartPost

After being prompted by Sage 50 to try Real-Time posting over SmartPosting, I have reviewed what I could find regarding explanations of the methods.

Apologies to U2, but having looked through the forums, I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

With Sage 50 being built for smaller businesses, I believe it has a max concurrent user count of 20 people, and with my business at 16 concurrent users, are there any real benefits, or drawbacks, of using Real-Time posting, rather than Smartposting?

Thanks in advance for any insight you folks can offer.

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    Sage can handle up to 40 users and I would suggest using Real Time Posting vs Smart Posting.  Some of my clients have had issues with Smart Posting, it is a service and that is just one more thing running in the back ground and Real Time works just as well.  If you are looking for better performance I would suggest trying to host your Sage out on a cloud server.  It is easier to maintain, Sage is faster and there are less touch points and thus less potential issues.  When on a remote server the user goes to Sage vs Sage lobbing the data all around the network.  I have a number of clients with 20+ users that have made this transition and it has really helped them.  Reach out if you want more info.  [email protected]