• Which export/import do I need? (restaurant POS integration)

    I work for an organization that makes a restaurant Point of Sale. We have a customer with Peachtree 2011 and they've sent us information from the help files about importing into that version. We want to import sales information into the G/L but I'm not…
  • Sage50 US Online Back Up

    Is Sage50 US online back up another subscription? do I need to pa for it or its already part of the license that I have?

  • Backup

    Hi, After a recent update to Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2024 US Edition, backing up just sits on processing the backup. Waiting for half an hour to proceed to backup, we decided to interrupt and close the program in the task manager after then it proceeds…
  • Import sales invoice to SAGE50

    Dear, I trying to import sale/invoice to SAGE50, but I getting warning message each row, but all row still success import. The reference number "TP24-0304C" is available, but getting warning. The data CSV below: anyone know the problem?
  • Importing Data into Sage 50 Cloud vs Sage 50 Desktop - Any differences?

    Hello everyone, Are there any differences in importing data into Sage 50 Cloud vs Sage 50 Desktop? Such as General Ledger Journal Entries and Vendor Invoices. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, all. Mike S.
  • Limited version of Actian Zen

    Long time ERP consultant here, but new to Sage 50. I have years of experience with Actian Zen (fka Pervasive SQL). But at a Sage 50 install, where the heck is Actian Control Center? Where would I go to write a simple SQL statement? Also missing are DDF…
  • Import creating blank invoices

    Hello, I am importing invoices into Sage from a report, using the import/export function. This is a monthly activity and nothing has changed since the last time I did it. The invoices are all showing in Sage after the import with the correct totals…
  • Import AP invoice with PO and Merge it with existing transaction of PO receipt.

    Hi, Before importing the AP invoice with PO, the Purchase Order # 100 was Received (qty ordered = qty received) and marked as "Waiting on Bill". Let's call this transaction A. I have then successfully imported the AP Invoice# 200 with PO #100 through…
  • Import AP Invoice with Apply to Purchase Order

    Hi, I have successfully imported an AP invoice with Purchase Order. I have a Purchase Order that is already Received (all qty ordered have been received) and marked it as "Waiting on Bill". When importing the AP invoice (which includes the PO #) I would…
  • Importing Data

    Shouldn't we have a forum for just this (Importing Data)? :) So.... everything was going along fine until I realized that the descriptions are not showing up in reports. Why? I find that if I open each transaction, save it, then go back to the report…
  • Inventory module

    We recently purchased Sage software to manage inventory items. I have a few questions, 1) is a way to upload inventory items from an excel spreadsheet? If yes, could you please send me instructions? Or do we have an email for support? 2) If we are only…
  • Move company files from Standalone computer C; drive to server

    We want to move all our company files from a standalone computer to a shared server. I am not able to create a new company and have it save to the server location. Do the company files and Sage software need to be installed in the same location? Then…
  • Sync employees for HR testing

    I would like to only sync 2 employees as test subjects to see what access they have to Sage HR. Is that something that I can do? Or do I have to sync all employees? Thanks, Lisa
  • Import Cash Disbursements without job costing or invoice matching

    Is the field called "Check Number" what I will use for a reference number on my csv? The company rarely writes checks but uses a debit card for everything. However, I do want to use a reference number. I would like to use reference numbers that begin…
  • Old Peachtree Version - Periods missing

    Has anyone seen anything like this and would someone be able to assist in recovering these periods?
  • Unable to download company files, after connecting to Sage Cloud.

    Not a Question but an answer to what many Sage Support techs are not aware of: in the past few weeks we have upgraded to a few remote licenses to access our company accounting software remotely. In doing so we set the main company to shared mode. On the…

    out of nowhere when i try to enter an inventory item either in quotes or orders peach hangs for 10 seconds. this started in wondows 10 but i have checked 4 machines running both win7 and win10 in single user mode and all machines are behaving the same…
  • import

    I am trying to import a purchase journal and it keeps bombing on line 1 date field. I have checked all three date columns in .csv & they are all ##/##/## date format.
  • error while setting up auto backup

    this is the error i got while setting up
  • Cash Receipts Journal

    I'm trying to learn how to import bank transactions. I've got them separated (in a csv file) by deposits and payments. For the deposits for the entire year each transaction is one distribution. Is that correct? In other words, for each deposit into the…
  • Import File to Create New Items

    I am using export/import files with specific fields selected to make updates to items on a mass scale. I added new items to the file so they would be created upon import. Why are they not created in the default item class? My Inventory Item default is…
  • Cannot setup Remote Data Access after update to 2024.

    After updating Sage 50 to 2024 I lost Remote Data Access. Now, when I try to set it up, it looks like it's going fine then I get an error message "The Company backup failed to upload to Remote Data Access." and it won't let me go any farther.
  • Multiple Companies

    When i did a backup and restore to anew computer, it installed a second company. Same name just not all files are there. How do i delete the 2nd company
  • quotes missing

    Sage 50 2023 went to convert quote and they are all gone. No quotes for any customer.