• Can not file company in Connect to a Shared Company

    Hi - My client shared their file with me via Remote Data access but when I log in, I do not see the company file. I have confirmed that they shared the file with me. I have installed the same version as the client onto my laptop. How can I access the…
  • Serial Number not working

    I keep putting my Serial number in -- typed, copied, triple checked it... nothing works. Please advise
  • Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2021 Download

    I am looking for the program for Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2021. I have a serial number, but the product I purchased only had a download link which has expired from Sage and is no longer available.
  • Sage 50 Complete Accounting 2021

    Hello, I am looking for the download for Sage Complete Account 2021. I have the serial number, but the program I purchased was a download link which is no longer available. I am running 2018 CA on my desktop but would like to migrate it to the 2021…
  • Sage50 access

    Hello - My client is on sage50 and shared the client file through cloud connect. However, I don't know how to access it? Do I need to install sage50 onto my laptop? How do I gain access to the file?
  • Obsolescence Information

    When i log on in the morning it logs in ok and then a window opens that says "obsolescence Information". New release of Sage 50 now available. I click the install button and it logs me out and installs nothing.
  • Peachtree 2010

    I have Peachtree 2010 and is working fine, but when I tried to used the CD in a new computer, it does not run and sent me a notification to call a phone number, but the person called Brian, did not answered. I do not want to pay for a yearly payment,…
  • Unable to Download Software after purchase.

    Hi, I purchase Sage 50 US with 1 user and get downlink in email but its saya this link is not accessible for you. Now unable to download and please guide or provide email to describe issue although payment is deducted.
  • License Questions

    My question is, if I buy a keycode license from a third party, how do I renew this license for the next year number 2. Do I buy another keycode, or am I required to renew through Sage, or something else? Are subsequent, later, renewals typically more…
  • concept to sage of multi companies in Sage 50 US

    what the concept is in Sage 50 US for multi companies?
  • License transfer

    We have Sage 50 on our old computer. We just bought a new PC and would like to transfer our Peachtree license Sage 50 to the new PC instead of outright buying a new license. Is this possible?
  • remote log in issue

    I am trying to get me accountant a remote log in. She downloaded Sage & the log in screen shows no company for her to log into. How do I fix this?
  • Spanish

    I’m trying to find out if Sage US has a Spanish interface yet. The only post I’ve found online anywhere is quite old. I can’t get any help by calling and I’ve tried emailing but have received no response (in over a month). Any help would be appreciated…
  • Migrating Sage 50 Accounting to a New Server

    I will be assisting a client with moving there Sage 50 Accounting software from a Windows 2012 R2 Server, to a Windows 2022 Server. They have one or two users that use the program. I would like to know if it is possible to install the Sage 50 Accounting…
  • Profile

    Sage say my there is an error enter my credit card information. I have tried 3 different cards with plenty of credit but Sage say there is an error. And of course they've given everyone the week off. Does anyone know what's happening.
  • Cant have access to software

    Hi i made a pruchase of the sage accounting 50 and i cant access it, it said i would receive an email and i havent recieved it.
  • PCA 2012 won't work

    I used PC Mover to transfer all applications and files to my new computer. PCA is the only program not working. When opened, the icons and print are oversized and when I try to enter any data, the program shuts down. I tried deleting PCA 2012 from my…
  • download sage 50

    I am a current Sage customer. I just purchased Sage 50 today and was sent an email with a download button, but I want to install Sage on a new computer. From the new computer, I clicked the download button and it took me to a page to select "new" or …
  • Sage 2014

    I’m looking to install free sage 2014. Will this install on Windows 11 or windows 10. I’m looking to transfer my data from peachtree 2009 thats on windows 10 to Sage 2014 and then transfer 2014 to Sage 50 pro 2020. Will this work?
  • Trying to install Sage 50, 2024 on Window Server 2019 standard edition and getting "Setup Launch Unicode has stopped".

    While trying to install Sage 50, 2024 on Windows server 2019, it gives error message of "Setup Launch Unicode has stopped, program will now close. Then everything rolls back and nothing works. How do I fix this as I cannot go back to 2023 now either.
  • Sage 50 Pro

    I just purchased a new computer with windows 11. I have been using Peachtree 2009 pro on my older computer. Purchased Sage 50 Pro. 2020. Will sage 50 pro 2020 be compatible with Windows 11 and will I be able to use my peachtree 2009 pro data and restore…
  • Installing Sage 50 2021 on Server Questions

    Hello First here is what I did. I installed sage on server and it gives link to install on workstations. However first question is do I need to install on workstations or can I connect directly through terminal server? I tried installing on a workstation…
  • sage 50 stopped opening in middle of day from workstation, but still opens on database hosting workstation.

    Sage 50 2020 US, Windows 10 Pro, Peer to Peer network. One workstation hosts the database. Sage 50 still opens on that one. Two different workstations are getting "Can't open" errors. We ran the diagnostic tool and the error given was Local Path on…
  • Sage 50 US

    How do I put a copy of Sage 50 on my laptop as backup for from my desktop?
  • "Connect to a shared Company" greyed out on new installation

    After installing Sage50 2023 on a new computer the option to "Connect to a shared company" is grayed out. He have our company setup for Remote data access. Am I missing a step? Thanks,