• Monthly Inventory Balance

    How is inventory relieved when a sales invoice is generated? I have a huge balance in inventory and I thought the system could tie purchases to sales and relieve inventory monthly; however, that is not happening. Can someone assist me? Thank you!
  • administrative services

    The company does legal services to a certain Lawyers, what will be the name for the companies who give the company 1099-NECs? will be customers or it will be consider professional Income Services? Thank you for any advice.
  • How do I contact Sage 50 USA by phone?

    Hello Sage, I am looking to get my serial number for Sage 2024.1. I tried calling 8**-***-2526. Can I have the best number to reach sage customer support? I am looking to talk to an actual sage repersentative. Regards Robert Cook
  • Logging in as admin in Sage creates issues emailing invoices using Outlook with Grammarly add-in.

    Last year Sage tech support advised me to log into Sage 50 as "Admin" to avoid issues I was having with functionality. I then discovered that I also had to log into Outlook as "Admin" on my pc in order to email invoices from Sage. If I'm not logged into…
  • Inventory module

    We recently purchased Sage software to manage inventory items. I have a few questions, 1) is a way to upload inventory items from an excel spreadsheet? If yes, could you please send me instructions? Or do we have an email for support? 2) If we are only…
  • Check not properly clear in bank reconciliation

    Hello I started a new job, and there are some checks that are cleared by bank but still outstanding in bank reconciliation. This checks are form prior year, how can I clear this checks?
  • Sage 50 Accounting 2024 - print function runs slow for check printing

    We have three computers that utilize sage 50 accounting software. When printing checks in either single or batch mode, it takes approx. 1:45-2:00 minutes for the print forms screen to appear after selecting print. Two computers have this issue, one computer…
  • Sage 50 to Sage HR Payslip Sync

    Good Morning, does anyone know how to sync only the CURRENT payslips from Sage 50 to Sage HR? My company has 2 payroll cycles: semi-monthly for full time and bi-weekly for part time. The sync picks up the part-timers prior checks when when we sync…
  • Sage 50 US. Search for inventory items using "description" keywords, inside the sales order.

    Can anyone please help find out ALL the ways possible to search for inventory items using "description" keywords, inside the sales order. Say, there are hundreds or thousands of ID's, there is no way to know or remember them. But the users know the…
  • Open the previous posting period

    How can we open the the previous period if it is already close because we need to edit or add some data in that period
  • users exit Sage 50 and try again

    When I run the report its saying Another Sage 50 user or workstation is accessing this company area or performing a similar company process. Please wait a moment and try again. If you believe you received this message in error, have all users exit Sage…
  • Sage Upgrade

    Hi, Need to understand about sage upgrade to 2024 version. I tried calling the support +1- 888-498-1120 but got no response.
  • Credit Card info xxx'd out

    A customer came in to purchase some items and we have their credit card info stored in Sage. Usually, I click on their name on the invoice, then click on the payment and credit tab. On that tab I can select view/edit credit card details. Typically, I…
  • when trying to open a company i receive a message unable to determine security privileges

    Unable to determine security privileges. Please retry later. This is probably due to another user temporarily blocking access to critical files
  • Smart Posting

    We recently had what we think was a scammer, inform us that our Sage 50 installation was corrupt because our Smartposting service was not running. My question is there an easy way to identify that there is not truly a problem with the Smartposting service…
  • Upgraded to Sage 50 Pro 2024 and now it won't open

    I upgraded to Sage 50 Pro 2024 last week and everything went well. The ledger was out of balance after the upgrade and I was going to contact support to help. Now it won't open at all and gave me a support phone number to call and it is the weekend so…
  • Multiple Job Status Change

    I have about 7,000 jobs with the status of "In progress" that I need to change to "Completed". The only way I can see to do it is by going in to each job individually, changing the status, hitting save, rinse & repeat. Even with putting multiple employees…
  • Old Invoices Showing Back Up in System

    I suddenly have had invoices from 2017 show back up in my A/R as open invoices (unpaid). These invoices were paid and cleared out the system a long time ago. I ran a data test and it acknowledged there were errors and "resolved them"; however, they still…

    I have an entry showing another vendor - when in the check register it is correct. Why? How do I fix this in the reconciliation window? Also when I have 2 separate deposits, entered separately, Sage 50 combines them into a single deposit in the reconciliation…
  • Month End

    My income statement revenues total is different from my month end report/ aged receivables by almost $6k. Is there something I am missing?
  • Log in Remotely

    Hi I have a problem logging in Remotely to Sage 50 in the Philippines. My client is located in US she already gave the password and username but still i cannot log in there is always an error.
  • Tax codes are mixed up

    Our tax codes are 1: taxable; 2 Out of state; 3 Tax ID on File; 4 Exempt. Tax codes 2-4 should not add tax and 1 should add tax. Somehow 1 and 3 are mixed up. They still say 1 taxable and 3 Tax ID on File, however, when checking someone out on an invoice…
  • Custom Forms Need Someone to Create for us

    We are brand new to Sage 50. We have been using QB for over 15 years now and have custom forms that we would like to emulate in Sage 50. We are looking for someone who is an expert with Sage 50 and can emulate our Invoice and Estimate that we used in…
  • Maintain Customers

    Why does it say a customer has no payment history but they'll have an invoice date, however, there is no invoice for them? It is very confusing when trying to update customers.