• Download tax forms

    why doesn't sage have a download function for quarterly 941 forms? This would save so much time and effort when doing audits the following year! Does anyone else find that this function would be worth adding in an update to sage software? The ability…
  • How I enable the Attachment feature in SAGE 50?

    I would like to attach documents in transactions and this button/function is not enabled.
  • How do I contact Sage 50 USA by phone?

    Hello Sage, I am looking to get my serial number for Sage 2024.1. I tried calling 8**-***-2526. Can I have the best number to reach sage customer support? I am looking to talk to an actual sage repersentative. Regards Robert Cook
  • applying Credit Memo to open invoice

    Hello - I have an invoice that was paid back in February. The customer returned part of the order so I would like to apply a credit memo but Sage will not let me. Why?
  • Sage 50 and Fixed Assets

    Does Sage 50 Accountants Edition also include Fixed Assets Manager?
  • Customize forms and insert GL account name and code

    How can we add another field in the printable forms to insert especially in enter bills the gl acct name and code? Thankmyou
  • Object doesn't support property or method 'addEventListener'

    We are getting this error when we got to add a new item. Any ideas?
  • Sync employees for HR testing

    I would like to only sync 2 employees as test subjects to see what access they have to Sage HR. Is that something that I can do? Or do I have to sync all employees? Thanks, Lisa
  • Sage 50 Accounting cloud

    Hi Team, Is there a cloud version available for Sage 50 Accounting? If yes, how can I obtain a trial version? Is there documentation available for the API for Sage 50 Accounting US?
  • Sage 50 to Sage HR Payslip Sync

    Good Morning, does anyone know how to sync only the CURRENT payslips from Sage 50 to Sage HR? My company has 2 payroll cycles: semi-monthly for full time and bi-weekly for part time. The sync picks up the part-timers prior checks when when we sync…
  • Open the previous posting period

    How can we open the the previous period if it is already close because we need to edit or add some data in that period
  • sales/invoices

    when I try to create a new sales invoice, it seems like it going to open but then it goes away and closes out of the software completely.
  • Sales Invoices

    I cannot open any sales invoices....when I click on any sales invoices...it does nothing...there isn't even
  • Sage 50 v29.2.398.0 upgrade

    Hi, I've just ugraded to the latest version of Sage 50 as requested by the system. Everything seemed to go ok but on checking the activity in the ledgers I can't see any even when there are balances in the ledgers. I've also noticed that any transactions…
  • when trying to open a company i receive a message unable to determine security privileges

    Unable to determine security privileges. Please retry later. This is probably due to another user temporarily blocking access to critical files
  • Conexion a todas las tablas de Sage 50 accounting version 2023

    Buenas tardes, disculpen una consulta como puedo conectarme a todas las tablas de sage 50 account, ya que ODBC solo lee los reportes de kristal report atte.
  • Software update popup message

    We are on Sage Quantum 2023. When we close Sage 50, every user gets the popup message "An update for Sage 50 is available, but it must be installed on the server first. Once the server is updated, you’ll be able to update this computer." Interestingly…
  • Inventory Stock Status Report

    I’m running an Inventory Stock Status report and when I export it to Excel, Serialized Stock Items are not counted correctly. They are displayed correctly in Sage, but when it’s exported to Excel, the Qty On Hand field is not correct. If we have five…
  • Returned a customer prepayment for a demo product, but instead of debiting customer deposits, we debited A/R for that customer.

    Returned a customer prepayment for a demo product, but instead of debiting customer deposits, we debited A/R for that customer. 2 year old invalid aging report for this customer. How to correct with GL entry & be able to affect that customer A/R?
  • Sage 50 not opening due to Actian Zen

    We are continually having an issue with Sage 50 not opening and having to reactivate the Actian Zen. We are changing the startup type from "disabled" to "automatic" however it continues to revert back to disabled. Any ideas on how to permanently keep…
  • Customer with a tax exempt form

    When setting up a new customer who has provided us with their tax exempt forms I do not know how to set them as tax exempt. I know it can be done because some of our accounts are already like that. I have only been working here for a short time and have…

    Hi Everyone... I have the following situation, the system does not allow me to select a transaction in the account reconciliation process, just have this issue with one line. I already deleted and created again, and still not working. Need help!
  • bill paying service

    Looking to implement a bill pay service. We've spoken with Bill.com. Are there other services that folks use?
  • Number of sales tax agencies per rate

    Does anyone know how many Sales Tax agencies can be added to each individual Sales tax code rate in the latest Sage 50 - 2023 version
  • How to search a credit card entry

    We have a corporate credit card with approx 15 staff who have a card. We enter the vendor name such as "American Express" and use the last 4 digits of the card and the staff initials and month the transactions correspond to. See below - does anyone know…