• how easy to import quick books into sage?

    how easy to import quick books into sage?
  • Sage Cloud

    Although I have been using Peach Three (Sage 50 Desktop Accounting) for more than 20 years, I am new to his group and I hope to learn from you and contribute on my part. I am interested in learning about Sage 50 account Cloud. If any of you are using…
  • Sage 50 from Server to Online

    Good morning, My facility (nursing home) uses Sage 50 (server based) software for accounting of resident funds and bank accounts. Our IT department has one server just for this program. I would like to move to a cloud based platform. I've tried to reach…
  • conversion

    Need to convert a company made in sage50 premier to sage50 pro
  • Transitioning from old company to new

    As part of a trademark settlement I am changing the name of my company from existing company to a new company. I am wondering if I can change the name in Sage 50 Cloud so that I don’t lose the history? Or is it possible to transfer everything to a new…
  • Rebuilding a company from QuickBooks Online to Sage 50 Accounting

    I am going from QuickBooks online to Sage 50 Accounting. The last accurate data I had was Year End, December 31, 2022. I entered those balance sheet totals into Sage and they reconciled. I closed the 2022 year in Sage, and now I have to enter my 2023…
  • Upgrading 2011 multi user, to 2024 multiuser. Data file conversion?

    I am upgrading from peachtree 2011, 3 user to sage 50 2024 3 user. Sage is saying that only 2021 and later data files can import directly into 2024. So, my questions is, are there any intermediate versions I can upgrade to, then another upgrade to 2024…
  • Upgrading Sage 50 Accounting 2014 to Sage 300 2023

    Hello, we recently purchased Sage 300 2023 license. We are looking to update our Sage 50 accounting 2014. I wanted to check with the community if anyone has specific documentations regarding update and share if they have faced any issues with the upgrade…
  • Need to run the conversion for sage 50 2024

    Conversion was not able to get started as our power went out briefly which took down our computers. I need to run the conversion for Sage 50 Premium 2024 but I'm not sure where to find it at on my system and also now my server and work station is giving…
  • Peachtree to Sage 50

    Is it possible to convert from Peachtree Complete Accounting 2003 to Sage 50?
  • Quantum 50

    We currently have Peachtree Premium Accounting 2010 for Construction. Can we upgrade our current 2010 companies if we upgrade to Quantum 50?
  • Sage 50 cloud premium

    We purchase Sage 50 cloud premium off of Amazon today. The problem we have is that we do not see to option or tool to convert our existing company to cloud base. Our main reason for purchasing this version is for the cloud based feature.
  • Migrating from QB Desktop 2024 to Sage 50

    What Sage product would I need in order to get a company file from the latest version of QB Desktop 2024 migrated into Sage 50? Doing it myself isn't the issue, it's finding the version of Sage that can read the newest version of QB data.
  • files

    I have 2045360 total Kbytes of files. I am told this is way too much. I am looking for a way to upgrade to Sage 100. Is there a way to avoid losing all my data if i migrate?
  • New Software

    I noticed that Sage has new software in different programs that are at a lower price. I am lookin in earnest for a replacement for Quickbooks at a reasonable. They are pushing everyone to the cloud which I don't have a problem with. They are raising their…
  • QuickBooks Online transfer to Sage50

    We had our QuickBooks backups converted, but have about 10 days worth of transactions and entries in QuickBooks since then and I need to know how I can get everything transferred over from QuickBooks into Sage. Is there a way to manually import into Sage…
  • export sage 50 usa to sage despachos spain

    is it posible convert general ledgers and list invoice to a sage despachos connected in Spain? we have a firm working in both countries. Best Regards
  • Software conversion from quickbooks desktop to sage 50

    I am waiting for my conversion backup file from QuickBooks desktop to Sage 50. In the meantime, should I set up my company in Sage or will the back up automatically do that. Also, if I do set up my company and start adding transactions that have occurred…
  • Need to upgrade Sage 50-2013 Manufacturing Version into 2022 Version

    Need to upgrade Sage 50-2013 Manufacturing Version into 2022 Version. But when convert the database, the below message appears & doesn't allow to convert it. Please assist.
  • 2023 Re-install fails repeatedly

    Win 10 Not having a good experience changing over from QB to 50 Installed and converted, chose ALL QB transactions and lists which goes back to 2006. The result was that it only imported 2006 to 2009 after 6 hours. Well, that is useless. Tech help suggests…
  • From Quickbooks Desktop to Sage50cloud Accounting

    We have used QuickBooks desktop for years and they are discontinuing. I'm looking at Sage50cloud and am hoping you guys can help me with a question or two. We use QuickBooks to do bookkeeping for 7 different entities that we own. Desktop version allows…
  • Migrating Attachments from Sage 50 to Sage Intacct

    Looking for a SQL expert with knowledge of Sage 50 to provide Platform Transition (Sage Intacct Marketplace Partner) with the detailed reports necessary to complete a successful Attachment Migration … they’d need to provide: a) an attachment allocation…

  • Does anyone have a Sage 50 2018 version that I can convert a 2011 Peachtree Company (or any version) so I can subsequent update /convert to 2022 Sage

    I need to convert a Peachtree 2011 Company to 2022 Sage 50. From what I was told Sage 2018 was the last version that could do it. You would think Sage would do it but they will only do what I can do, export and import from the Peachtree company. I am…
  • Data not transferring

    Just started using Sage 50 and have been trying to convert my Quickbooks Pro 2020 data over since Tuesday. It completed the transfer (3 times now), but my $$ data is never there! My bank accounts show zero balance, my customers balances are all zero.…