• Tax liability report adding CASDI twice, once as CASDI and once as CASDI C for California

    The Tax Liability Report, under the CA State Taxes section, is showing CASDI and directly under that, CASDI C and the total it is giving is incorrect. To my knowledge, there is no such thing as and an employer component to the State Disability Insurance…
  • State DE9 Form

    Hi All, My CA state DE9 payroll tax forms are displaying most field correctly except for subject wages being triple what my employees are actually being paid. Support has been no help. Sage maintained and user maintained formulas are all correct. If anyone…
  • 401K Report

    Did payroll this morning and when I went to print my 401K report to upload that information to our plan the report is missing! It is always under the payroll tab and towards the top...gone...looked through all other tabs and I don't find. Any ideas what…
  • Reprinting Payroll Stubs for employees

    I need to give an employee a history of their last 4 pay stubs. They did not save them. How can I do this?
  • 1099NEC

    How can I print 1099NEC forms without a payroll subscription?
  • Sales Tax Report in State of Kansas

    Is anyone else in the state of Kansas having trouble on their Sales Tax Reports? In Kansas you can have tax sales of Gov Entities, Resale, Exempt and Regular in the Last almost year the report is such a jumbled mess of figures; that I have to go in by…
  • Extra Withholding on W4, line 4c

    I've never had an employee want extra withholding when filling out their W4. I found where to enter that amount (Maintain Employee & Sales rep, withholding info tab, additional withholding federal box/top line) and did so. I then did a trial paycheck…
  • 2024 Payroll tax forms

    Are the quarterly payroll tax forms for 2024 available, we are not seeing them?
  • Form 1099-DIV

    Will Sage 50 enable processing the 1099-DIV through Aatrix for the calendar year 2024?
  • W-3

    My W-3 includes Roth 401k contributions in Box 12a for Deferred Comp, which Roth contributions are not. How do I get them out of there?
  • 1099 forms

    we have Sage 50 Quantum 2023 version. I purchased the same forms I used last year for our 1099-Misc and 1099-NEC's, but I am having issues when I go into print. When I am in the Test situation, it is printing out fine but prints the full form on regular…
  • 1099 Misc & NEC

    First of all, I have no idea why Sage changed the 1099 forms. You can no longer print them from Sage. Its ridiculous. The new program is horrible. None of the Tax ID numbers line up. I have no idea how to line them up. The deadline is next week. Why did…
  • 1099 Misc and 1099-NEC

    i have to print both types of forms. When you are using the Preparer, are you able to delete out one type and only print the 1099-Misc forms then go back in and print the 1099-NEC (and delete out the rows for 1099-Misc)?
  • ADD 1099 NEC

    Aatrix Software added an error message when creating individual 1099-NEC. Although we have entered vendor name in maintain vendors, Aatrix software does not recognize this and you must then manually enter the first and last name of each vendor that does…
  • 1099 NEC

    Sage decided to let it's software vendor chose how to present Form 1099-NEC this year. IRS still requires red copy and the traditional preprinted 3 up form does not work in the Aatrix software. The only way to use the software is to buy blank 4 up forms…
  • Puerto Rico Processing 499R-2/W-2PR

    Hello - This is my first year trying to do year end stuff in Sage. Does anyone know how I can print the W-2PR for Puerto Rico? or at least get a report with all required information since Puerto Rico requires you to input or upload all W-2PR information…
  • 1099 NEC

    Why are the names not printing in the name field on the 1099 NEC verify pages? I have to enter them all manually. I do not remember having to do that last year.
  • W2's

    In Oregon we need to include Or Transit Tax on line 14. It has worked in Sage for the past several years, but this year no information is showing up in the test drive. Anyone have this problem or a suggestion as to where to rectify?
  • 4th quarter 941 form

    Lines 2 and 3 are grayed out on my 4th quarter 941 form and do not show on screen or when printing. I have done all updates. This is the first quarter we have had a SIMPLE IRA plan. Could I have some something wrong in SIMPLE IRA setup?
  • 2023 1099-Misc Box 17

    The State Code and Payers State # is not printing on the 1099-Misc Box 17 The State Info was added but the only drop selection was State Withholding, Unemployment and Worker Compensation. Do we no longer need this info on the 1099-Misc form?
  • e-Filing Quarterly Reports

    I enrolled in e-Filing with Sage 50 and then enrolled with Aatrix to efile payroll W2 and 1099 NEC. Will this enrollment also allow me to file my quarterly reports by e-file? When I tried to efile the quarterlies yesterday it would not let that be an…
  • Missing Federal Payroll Forms

    Is anyone else having an issue with their 2023 W2's & 941 reports not available after the Aatrix update?
  • Remittance Addresses to populate on 1099s

    To the best of our knowledge in order to have the remittance addresses populate on 1099s, we have to go change the default address from P01 (purchase address) to R01 (remittance address); process the 1099 then go change all back to P01. Is this the…
  • Aatrix Forms Update

    Can someone please let me know whether or not they have published the forms update for Sage 50 Quantum 2024. If so, what is the link. TIA
  • 1096 and other 1099 forms

    Why does the 1096 not print the 2nd page with the PA and other states address for mailing? Why can't i use the pre-printed forms we purchased and why did Sage sell them in the first place?