• Payroll advise/notification

    How do I insert the "Net Check Year To Date" onto the Payroll advice/Notification --I see Gross Pay YTD but not Net check YTD
  • Check Stubs

    I can't remember how to change what is printed on my check stubs. Can someone help?
  • Custom Payroll Check Form

    I need to add a separate line item called "Total hours worked" and a formula that will calculate only actual hours worked (ex. regular, overtime hours) vs. Total hours which includes sick, vacation, holiday, etc. Is this possible?
  • Workers Comp Payroll Report Needed

    I need to print a payroll summary, by employee, that shows gross payroll and overtime paid over a specific time period. For instance, For the period 1/1/13 - 4/30/13 Employee Gross Wages OT Wages John Doe 10000 425 Jane Doe 6500 0 Johnny Doe…
  • Payroll Tax Report, tax ID dropdown

    Hello, Within the PAYROLL TAX REPORT the TAX ID: drop down menu is populated with taxes from various other states, but not all of taxes from the state I do business in. Is there a way to populate this menu to show the taxes I need and hide the ones I…
  • Add additional payroll deductions on paystub

    Just started with Sage 50, when paying employees, some of them have more deductions than the paystub will allow, so it wants to print on the next check. I know there is an option to print on plain paper, which I haven't quite figured out yet, but we changed…
  • J1 Visa Employees

    We have some employees who started working that are on a J1 visa. How do we get the taxation and reporting to work properly in Sage 50?
  • Trying to export paystub data

    I'm trying to export current employee paycheck info that's on the paystub (earnings, deductions & YTD) but when i goto Export -> Payroll -> Payroll Journal -> Export. I cant seem to find all the paycheck info and missing YTD. I need to pull this data…
  • Custom Payroll Check Forms

    My checks have the GROSS YTD however our previous program (not sage) listed the NET YTD. I don't see anything in Customization Fields. I am also not sure how to create it. I really need my checks to have the NET YTD not GROSS YTD on the stubs. Please…
  • how do Washington state contractors handle l&i class codes

    I am looking for suggestions on how to handle the WA State Department of Labor & Industries class codes for a contractor with multiple class codes and multiple pay levels per employee. Currently pulling the information together for quarterly reporting…