• Alabama Overtime Wage Exemption

    My company has multiple pay types. We have regular billable, OT billable, regular non-billable, OT non-billable, personal leave, holiday and bonus/incentive pay types for our hourly employees. Not to mention all our employees hourly pay rates are not…
  • Alabama Overtime Exemption Formula

    We have 5 pay types - regular, OT, incentive, holiday, and vacation. The current formula I am using, from the first January update, only taxed the regular pay, and I noticed too late that it was only taxing the regular pay and nothing else. I was hoping…
  • When is the update going to come through for the 2024 Federal Withholding Tables?

    It is already mid-January-When should we expect a Payroll Tax Update for the 2024 Federal Withholding Tables?
  • Sage 50 and Sage HR interactions/interface

    I am new to Sage HR. In a discussion with tech support on another subject, it came to light that any vacation/sick/paid time off entered in Sage HR is not reflected in Sage 50 payroll when it's time to run paychecks. Paid time off must still be entered…
  • 401k Contribution Limit

    Does Sage 50 recognize when an employee reaches the annual maximum 401k contribution and stop withholding the normal contribution from the employee's pay?
  • Employee payroll tax exemption for state

    Does anyone know how to exempt the state payroll tax deduction for employees in v2024 SAGE50 US?
  • Posting Paychecks to Account Register

    New Sage 50 user - Barely trained by prior staff who retired. I'm trying to figure out how to get the direct deposit paychecks I did yesterday to show up in my account register. They show up on the account register report but not in the physical register…
  • Doing multiple weeks of direct deposit at the same time.

    I am going to be out of town and would like to set up all the direct deposits in advance. Is there any issue doing this and will they go in the days I request?
  • 941 incorrect amounts calculating

    Anyone else dealing with this? It has long been known that when you void or reissue a paycheck, the 941 report has incorrect amounts resulting from negative symbols being deleted in the background and the amounts then added together for the day. This…
  • FUTA Withholding for Multi State Employee

    We recently had an employee move from one state to another. I did see that Sage50 suggests creating separate Employee IDs for each state the employee works in and I have done that and I think I have the state unemployment set up correctly. Now my concern…
  • System / Aatrix error, generating F941 deposit

    Just doing prep work for January taxes, went to generate the Deposit form for Form 941. Got a dialog labeled "AatrixForms.exe - Entry Point Not Found", with the following text: The procedure entry point ?dumpAccumulativeTimesCache@Timers@Aatrix@@QAEXXZ…

    Why does the auto fringe number from 2022 carry over to the following year 2023 on pay stubs? How can I change it so it wouldn't carry over to the next year? I have Sage50 Cloud. I appreciate any help with this issue.
  • 1099-DIV Forms

    I was disappointed to see that all of the customized 1099 forms I had set up in the past were gone. I am happy to see the 1099 NEC & Misc in the tax form screen, but my 1099-Div form is gone. I am now scrambling to figure out how I am going to print these…
  • when is 2023 payroll update available for sage 50

    when is 2023 payroll update available for sage 50
  • Taxing Cash tips in Sage 50 payroll

    We have servers that get cash tips that are not paid on their check but they want us to take out taxes for them on these tips. How do I get the program to tax these tips. Currently they are only shown in the memo tips. HELP PLEASE!
  • Non-Cash Compensation

    I need to include a non-cash compensation for an employee. The non-cash compensation is large, so it generates a net negative payroll check. This is employees final check, can I just not tax the non-compensation? if so, what implication should i need…
  • Pension Deductions

    For some reason I can't get anyone from Sage to help me set up my deductions for a pension. I am hoping someone can help because none of the company benefits in retirement show a pension type calculation. This is what I need to do... I need to deduct…
  • Reissue a check

    I need to reissue a commission check to an employee that never received it in the mail. I did this last year as well and when I voided the check and reprinted it our 941 tax report was incorrect. I see that there is an option to "reissue" the check…
  • Payroll employee data blank missing after update.

    After the last payroll update the employee fields are blank. Any idea how to fix?
  • Benefit deducting from W-2 wages

    I set up an insurance benefit as a company expense in payroll settings with yes to general ledger and reports and taxable for federal and state wages only. It is deducting rather than adding to Federal and state wages on W-2's. I've had this problem for…
  • Payroll.

    I am having trouble writing payroll checks for January. Every time I open Sage 50, it asks if I want to download the new program. I have already done this several times. I also keep getting a message that the TAXTABLE.DAT is missing or corrupt.
  • Turning payroll off Quantum

    I have a client with a business care subscription (3 user) on Quantum. They will be out of business as of the end of 2020. They are no longer running payroll. Their current business care subscription runs out December 14th. I spoke to their account…
  • Employee Beginning Balances Not Flowing to Income Statement

    Hello all! I've recently converted from QBD to Sage 50 and have manually entered the beginning balances for prior payrolls. The totals are not reflected on the Income Statement and I'm at a loss. Any thoughts? Thank you! Rebekah Roy, EA
  • how to claim credit for FFCRA on form 941

    Hi, I am having hard time understanding how to claim the FFCRA credit on form 941. I paid $1520.00 total of FFCRA sick leave. the form told me to annually reduce the liabilities on schedule B, the amount is 1542.04 (which is gross + medicare - employer…
  • Tax Form For 2020 To Process 1099s

    Hi, I believe there will be a new tax form for 2020 we will need to process 1099s early next year. Do you know if the current version we are using is equipped to complete that task? == Additional Information == We are running Sage 50 with the following…