• Alabama Overtime Wage Exemption

    My company has multiple pay types. We have regular billable, OT billable, regular non-billable, OT non-billable, personal leave, holiday and bonus/incentive pay types for our hourly employees. Not to mention all our employees hourly pay rates are not…
  • Health Savings Account Formula

    I NEED help entering a formula for a HSA! Is there a way to type in an "IF" formula to figure out the employer contribution amount? Example - IF employee contribution is equal to $X.XX then employer contribution is $X.XX. If this is possible, what is…
  • employee W2 SSN in the report has 2 incomes one is per hour and later change to salary how I can add the two incomes?

    I have an employee that the first of the year 2023 has a hourly wage and in the middle of the year change to salary, how I can add the two incomes for the W2 report?
  • 2024 Federal Tax Bracket Update

    I have updated Sage 50 Payroll to 20240101. The federal tax brackets were to change for 2024, but when I go process payroll for the new year the federal amounts for all employees have stayed the same as 2023. Spoke to support yesterday and all they said…
  • Recording employer portion of social security tax on disability benefits

    How do I record the short term disability payments that one of our employee has been receiving. We owe the employer-portion of social security on this amount. How do I record just this liability?
  • Posting Paychecks to Account Register

    New Sage 50 user - Barely trained by prior staff who retired. I'm trying to figure out how to get the direct deposit paychecks I did yesterday to show up in my account register. They show up on the account register report but not in the physical register…
  • Hourly employee promoted to Salary position

    How come when I attempt to change a current hourly employee to a salaried employee, I get an error message when I attempt to access employee record? Am I doing something wrong? I have no issues when I change salaried employee to hourly employee.
  • Sick time

    Is there a way to adjust sick time in the middle of the year. I have all employees set up for the 40 up front but I want to change it to a weekly accrual.
  • 2023 Federal Withholding Tax Bracket tables not updated for 2023. Values in 2023 match 2022.

    Looks like the 2023 Federal Withholding Tax Bracket tables in Sage 50 have not been updated for 2023. The 2023 Federal Withholding Tax Bracket tables match 2022. Verification of Federal Withholding paycheck calculations for 2023 was not matching online…
  • 401k

    How do I correct the deductions for 401k to match the 2023 amounts of $ 22,500 and 6,500. I tried to update the 2022 but it still has the wrong amounts
  • when is 2023 payroll update available for sage 50

    when is 2023 payroll update available for sage 50
  • Sick and Vacation Accrual only if the employee works a certain amount of hours a month

    Hello, I have a costumer with a very particular workers comp decree established by the local DoA which stated that the hourly employee accrues 6hrs/mo Vacation (144hrs max) and Sick (120hrs max) only if total hours for the pay period is equal 115 or more…
  • Non-Cash Compensation

    I need to include a non-cash compensation for an employee. The non-cash compensation is large, so it generates a net negative payroll check. This is employees final check, can I just not tax the non-compensation? if so, what implication should i need…
  • How do I make sure I have the most up to date payroll tax files?

    We are new to Sage 50 and will be running our first payroll Jan 3, 2022, how do make sure I have the most up to date tax files? When I click on payroll setup the download tax updates is grayed out. TIA
  • Reissue a check

    I need to reissue a commission check to an employee that never received it in the mail. I did this last year as well and when I voided the check and reprinted it our 941 tax report was incorrect. I see that there is an option to "reissue" the check…
  • What is the latest payroll version that I should be seeing?

    As of this writing, I'm seeing 20210104 as being installed. Might I suggest a sticky announcing the latest and greatest.
  • Benefit deducting from W-2 wages

    I set up an insurance benefit as a company expense in payroll settings with yes to general ledger and reports and taxable for federal and state wages only. It is deducting rather than adding to Federal and state wages on W-2's. I've had this problem for…
  • How is the Schedule B of the 941 populated?

    The first 8 weeks of Q4 2020 are correct, the last 6 weeks are wildly off. I've spoken with support both online and over the phone and they said there is some fix in the works, but they don't have any way to help me. The solution they gave me was to…
  • Turning payroll off Quantum

    I have a client with a business care subscription (3 user) on Quantum. They will be out of business as of the end of 2020. They are no longer running payroll. Their current business care subscription runs out December 14th. I spoke to their account…
  • Incorrect amount for Employer SS and Employee SS on Federal Tax Deposit 941 filing through Aatrix

    I installed the latest Sage update a few days ago. I just processed payroll for checks dated 11/18/2020. The paycheck withholdings are correct. However, when I select "Payroll Tax Forms" to file the Federal Tax Deposit for 941, the Employer SS and the…
  • How do I remove vacation and sick leave from employees payroll?

    How do I remove vacation and sick leave? Our accrual is based on the hire date not calendar year-end so I need to remove these benefits from payroll. I also do not like that this forces 2 pages for the payroll check stub (thus creating a voided payroll…
  • Employee Beginning Balances Not Flowing to Income Statement

    Hello all! I've recently converted from QBD to Sage 50 and have manually entered the beginning balances for prior payrolls. The totals are not reflected on the Income Statement and I'm at a loss. Any thoughts? Thank you! Rebekah Roy, EA
  • how to claim credit for FFCRA on form 941

    Hi, I am having hard time understanding how to claim the FFCRA credit on form 941. I paid $1520.00 total of FFCRA sick leave. the form told me to annually reduce the liabilities on schedule B, the amount is 1542.04 (which is gross + medicare - employer…
  • Taxtable.dat is missing or damaged

    Attempting to do payroll, Error message TAXTABLE.DAT is missing or damaged. This error occurred the first time after the REMOTE DATA ACCESS problem was resolved by Sage Support on Saturday 10/10/2020.I followed Sagecity instructions to rename the file…
  • How to set up the GL code for bonus checks with the correct taxes

    How to set up the GL code for bonus checks witht he correct taxes