Union Report-Pivot Table Field Name is Not Valid

Ok, hope somebody out there can help me figure this one out.

I'm working on a union report with 5 sub reports, using Sage 50 US.  At one point, when running the union report, it errored out with "Pivot table field name is not valid". I eliminated one report from the union at a time and reran the report until I found the report causing the error.  Without it in the group, I do not get the error.

At one point, there was a pivot table on sheet 1 to the far right of the data range for the pivot table for this sub report.  So I deleted the pivot table, leaving just the raw data on sheet 1 and nothing else.  Certainly this will correct the issue.  I ran the report by itself and did not get an error.  I added it back to the group and ran the union report again, and DO get the error.

How can I have this pivot table field name error on a sub report with no pivot table??

Could I be getting a "bogus" message and I really have a different problem?

Color me "baffled".



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    Hi Suzy

    If I understand correctly, you get the error when having the Pivot Table in Sheet 1, which is normally the data sheet?

    What if you include the Pivot Table in a non-data worksheet?

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    Check that all subreports have the same number of columns. If you try to build a Pivot Table referencing Sheet 1 using the name Sheet1!RAWDATA and it gives you the pivot table error "field name is not valid", it usually is because one or more of the header cells in the source data is blank. This can commonly happen if one subreport has 10 columns and the next subreport has 11 columns and both are populating Sheet 1. In this scenario, one of the column headers at the top of Sheet 1 may appear as blank.