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I have been tasked to create an Inventory Turns Calculation in Crystal,  I have a report with all the items, a date range parameter and COGS calculation,  Piece of cake.  How would get average inventory?  Is there a table that gives you historical inventory on hand?  

Any insights appreciated.  I've been writing crystal for 20+ years but somewhat new a Sage 50.

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    You can schedule a Crystal Report to export the date and Inventory on Hand figures to a table every month (or whatever the desired frequency is. 

    Some of the 3rd-party Crystal Reports Schedulers listed here include that functionality. 

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    Visual CUT can do that, but I have my doubts it can write to the Sage 50 database.  If we had a full, working version of Actian, fka Pervasive SQL, this would be a snap.  But I am not sure what we can do with the limited version of Actian that Sage installs.

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    Visual CUT can export the data to any ODBC target.
    So the scheduled process can read from SAGE and write to any desired database target (MS Access, MySQL, SQL Server, etc.).
    The report that uses the recorded monthly snapshot data would run against the desired target database.

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    Yes it can, but I am not sure we can create an ODBC data source with the limited version of Actian that Sage installs.  For example the crystal reports for Sage 50 do not use ODBC at all, they use OLE and a Microsoft Data Link File (.udl).  Another example: we cannot even go to Actian Control Center and create a table to hold this data.  Why?  Because Sage does not install Actian Control Center.

    When I used Actian/Pervasive SQL with other ERP systems, most notably Macola, we could create tables, views, stored procedures, etc., but not with Sage 50.

    I admittedly am new at Sage 50 but if I am incorrect someone please show me how to do this.  It is a serious limitation on reporting.

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    Creating an ODBC DSN is done using Windows ODBC Admin dialog. It is not limited in any way by Sage.

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    Quantity on Hand is not a standard field within Sage 50 so it can't be pulled without a formula using ODBC, which is where the GetPeach formulas come in play with Crystal Reports.

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