• How do I get labor hours to calculate on job cost reports?

    Labor Hours on Job cost report
  • Aged Payables Report is Empty

    Recently, the default Aged Payables report does not populate. My dashboard is correct and shows the total amounts at 0-30, 31-45, 46-60, and over 60, but when I select one of these to get a listing, the report is empty. At the bottom of the Aged Payables…
  • Recurring entries showing as negative balance in aged payables report

    I'm new to accounts payable and Sage 50, so forgive me if this is a silly question. I have certain payments set up as recurring entries. On the aged payables report, it show the balance as negative. What causes this? Am I setting up the recurring entries…
  • Auto Run a Daily Report in Sage 50 US - is this possible?

    I need a report that will run at the end of every day with any inventory price & cost changes +/- so we can be up to date on our pricing. Is there a way to do this automatically and possibly have it write over the report run a day prior? Thanks!
  • Tax Liability Report and Payroll Tax Report State SUI is not calculating correctly

    The Tax Liability Report and Payroll Tax Report's State (GASUI) does not calculate correctly. The line item Liability Calculated on GASUI has the Tax Liability calculating correctly.
  • Quarterly Income Statement and Balance Sheet

    Is there an easy way for a novice to produce both an Income Statement and Balance Sheet broken down by Quarter? I've tried to use the Design Feature and I just don't understand it!
  • Inventory Receiving Report that shows commit to quantities and the customer

    I am looking for an inventory receiving report that will show which customers to commit the items to. I haven't found anything remotely similar using the standard reports. How can I get something like this created? Currently I only have access to standard…
  • Is anyone using Sage for Multi Company consolidations? Are there any best practice tips?

    Is anyone using Sage for Multi Company consolidations? Are there any best practice tips?
  • Account Reconciliation Report for Prior Years Not in Active Periods

    How can I get account reconciliation reports for years that are not in the active periods? Using Sage 50 Quantum Accounting US 2024 that has 2023-2024 periods and need account reconciliation reports for 2022.
  • Month to Date and Year to Date exactly the same?

    When I print the standard P&L the Month-to-Date and Year-to-Date is exactly the same. It's only reporting the annual totals correct, not the monthly totals. (I imported all transactions if that makes a difference.) TY!
  • Crystal Reports Connection Issue

    I'm attempting to connect crystal reports to Sage 50 (2023) so that we can perform an export of all customer ship to addresses in the company (not sure if this is possible from within Sage 50?). I followed the instructions in KB article 223924350032954…
  • Taxable / Exempt Sales

    Hello, We've implemented a new City tax (on top of county), is there a way to run a GL report that would only includes invoices that include tax from a specific Sales Tax Agency Name. I was hoping I could double click on the agency name on the Taxable…
  • Payroll Tax Liability Report

    Why does the summary report not include the employers FICA but is does include the employers Medicare amount in the total?
  • Income Statement Issue

    Monthly and YTD Amount showing as the same amount on the Income Statement. How can I fix this?
  • Log of transactions

    It appears a change was made to an employee's withholding. Is there a way to see when the change was made and even possibly by whom?
  • General Ledger

    All of a sudden I can't access the General Ledger, AR or AP reports. The other financial statements are there. Any ideas?
  • CompanySpecial1a field not found in Company.dat file

    I am adding the function GetPeachQtyOnHand ({Company.CompanySpecial1a}, {Company.CompanySpecial1b}, {Company.CompanySpecial1c}, {Company.CompanySpecial1d}, {LineItem.ItemRecordNumber} ) to a Crystal Reports, but the field CompanySpecial1a is not found…
  • Inventory Turns Report

    I have been tasked to create an Inventory Turns Calculation in Crystal, I have a report with all the items, a date range parameter and COGS calculation, Piece of cake. How would get average inventory? Is there a table that gives you historical inventory…
  • How to make the GetPeach() functions available in Crystal Reports?

    Sage 50 Quantum. Despite going through the normal installation step to make these functions available, they aren't. The u2lpeach.dll is in C:\windows. I even tried to manually register it with regsvr32 to no avail. Where should this .dll be? What…
  • Is there a job report that I can pull that shows both inventory item ID and quantity used on job?

    Our company's projects consist of inventory items and non-inventory items purchased specifically for a specialized job. Is there a report that can be pulled by job# that shows the inventory ID of the parts issued to job with quantity? I can drill down…
  • Generate a Report for Customer's Open Sales Order Ship Dates

    Regarding our customer sales orders, we have multiple items that ship from different vendors. Is there a way to enter the estimated ship dates for each line item and then create a report to email to our customer? Currently we create an excel spreadsheet…
  • Sage 50 “MRP” style possibilities

    Hello, Im extremely new to Sage but recently started working as a purchaser at a Plastic Injection facility. We use Sage 50 and I hear different things from different employees on what sage50 is capable of. im wanting to be able to have a way to…
  • Sage 50 Profit & Loss

    I need to provide a Year to Date Profit & Loss Report to my bank. I use Sage 50 software. Which report would that be?
  • AatrixForms.exe Entry Point Error

    We're getting a procedure entry point error after last weekend's Windows Updates. Does Sage have a patch for this? Anyone know a work around? Thanks, Joe
  • Estimated Expenses showing up in Reports

    The estimated expenses entered by phase and cost code in maintaining jobs is not showing up in reports except for the totals. Did I miss a setting?