• Custom Balance Sheet

    Hello, I know i can design a balance sheet but i want to know how i can choose various accounts but not as a range, just choose in between them.
  • Budget Input Data

    Hello! I want to enter the company budget in SAGE 50 Quantum accounting 2024 version, and this year the template is not permitting me to enter an amount in negative format. We have various accounts that are classified as income account types, but that…
  • Balance Sheet Design

    I am needing to run a balance sheet for a specific date of 01/01/2021 but the report will not let me choose a single date. I have tried to design one to use a specific date but have not had any luck. Can anyone help?
  • Reporte Inventarios Kardex

    Buenas tardes estimados, estoy buscando un reporte o como crearlo en sage 50, este reporte se llama Kardex y registra las entradas, salidas y saldos de cada producto y sus costos unitarios de entradas, salidas y totales. Pueden auxiliarme por favor. Gracias…
  • Editing the report layout in Sage 50

    I would like to add the data [customer_order_number] into the statement payout (in place of details) but I cannot find the field in the options ; any help appreciated!
  • Difference between Quantity on PO and Quantity on Order- Inventory Reorder Worksheet

    Hello, We're starting to utilize the inventory reorder worksheet report, and we can not figure out what the difference of the column options are for "Quantity on PO" and "Quantity on Order". The figure seems to be the same, but this has to mean two…
  • Have invoice subtotal inventory items with clases

    We are wholesale greenhouse, currently we don't track our inventory through sage. The inventory items are grouped under the container they are grown in (10" hanging baskets, 1203 Flats, 1801 Flats etc.). I am trying to get our inventory to be tracked…
  • customized reports

    I'm a long-time Sage 50 user but recently upgraded to Sage 50 cloud (Quantum). I've been working on customized versions of standard income statements and came up with a good summary report we want to keep using. The problem is, I logged in one day and…
  • Report Designer in Sage 50 Accounting

    Is the Report Designer available for Sage 50 Accounting users? The options in the package itself are VERY limited, and I would like to customize some reports. Thanks for any info! Jim
  • Remove YTD Totals on custom Report

    I migrated from decades of Quickbooks, and am still learning this new system. I created a custom report for our Simple IRA (Quickbooks had one). I needed a report to give me each employees gross earnings for the week, their contribution amount to their…
  • Sage 50: How do I create a new custom container in Connector for Job data?

    How do I create a custom container in Connector that will contain the Job information that Sage pulls from to create the reports outside of Intelligence Reporting from the Job Reports: Project Information area? The report we are trying to create will…
  • BI

    We have installed a copy of XLGL and it seems to launch properly. However it is only showing us the standard forms that SAGE has in it not any of the modified forms that we normally use. How can I get it to locate and use the modified forms?
  • Sage 50 Aged Inventory

    We currently use Intelligence Reporting to gather the Last Purchase Date for inventory items. Once Intelligence Reporting is discontinued, is there another report I can use to obtain the Last Purchase Date to age inventory?
  • Looking for consultant

    We are looking for a consultant to assist our accounting manager with creating some new reports. Sage Experts don't have any appointments until April!

    We are the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, and retailer of our given product, since we are the only ones in this country who create it. Looking to pull a basic piece count out of the total Sales Orders for a given amount of time), to get a projection…
  • Custom report needed - Contract Sage consultant needed

    I'm looking for a Sage Consultant that can build a customized report within Sage 50. We need to report on the following by month, by manager, by customer: Total Revenue Total Direct Costs Total OH Costs Total Costs …
  • Cash Receipts Journal with Invoice Amount

    Hello! I have Sage 50 and also the Intelligence Reporting. My question; Is there any was possible to create a report that is the cash receipts journal that has what the total $ the invoice is for whether or not if only 50% of it was paid? I can get the…
  • Copy Standard Intelligence Reporting into Report Manager

    Hi, I have Sage 50 US Quantum 2020 edition. How can I make a copy of a standard Intelligence Reporting, Jobs Profitability Report, into the Report Manager so I can modify it. I need to modify it a little and regularly email to someone in the company…
  • ERROR MESSAGE: Sage 50 US v 2021.

    ERROR MESSAGE: Wrote a report for a client who was on Sage 50 US v 2020. They have now upgraded to v 2021 and also purchased a new server. The client asked us to make updates to the report which we did. During delivery, selected "create a new container…
  • custom crystal reports

    What is the procedure to write custom crystal reports to calculate commissions.
  • Relink Crystal Reports

    We have some Custom Crystal Reports that link with Sage 50. I recently did the update for Sage 50 and now the Crystal Reports aren't linked. I know there is a place to update/relink them but can't find it. Anyone know where I can find that? Thanks…
  • Sage 50 US Intelligence Reporting V2020 - Employee SSN

    I have several custom reports created that pull in employee SSN. After installing 2020, the values returned for employee SSN are scrambled. I am assuming this data is now encrypted... but not sure. Tech support is no help. None of the agents even have…
  • Has anyone created a .CSV file to export local wages to local tax collector (Berkheimer in Pa)?

    I was wondering if a support group member has created a report, in the correct format, to upload via Berkheimer website in PA? I'm frustrated with manually entering the info each quarter and would very much appreciate any assistance. Thank You!
  • Expanding Column Width in reports is not working

    I suppose to be able to have a white arrow to increase column width, but it never shows up when I hoover over the blue marker of each column.
  • I did the 2020 upgrade and most of my custom reports time out.

    Called tech support and they said custom reports are not in their scope and they cannot help me. I cannot run my reports I've developed over the last couple years. Need Help Please. I even tried starting over and Sales Analysis works but when I strip…