• Is it possible to edit invoice in Sage 50 with SDK?

    I am working on integration with Sage 50 US and need to update an invoice. Is it possible?
  • Cannot Save a Custom Import Template

    I am not able to save a custom import template. Getting a permission error. What settings have to be enabled to allow me to save a new import template for Purchase Invoices?
  • COM API - Interact with report window?

    Hi, I am using the COM API with Sage 50 US 2021. Is there a way to interact with the report window after it is open? Specifically, I am wondering about setting options, choosing columns, and then saving to Excel. I tried the following code, which…
  • Getting tax percentage with SalesTaxCodeReference.

    I am currently trying to display the percentage of the sales tax on an invoice. I am able to get the SalesTaxCodeReference off of the invoice but I am unsure how/where to find the percentage. any help would be appreciated for this Sage novice.
  • Can not set custom Sales tax amount

    I'm syncing orders from the eCommerce store to Sage 50 US using .net SDK. The sales tax amount is calculated based on different sales tax percentage. I can not configure each time in sage 50 as I make changes in tax percentage in the eCommerce store…
  • Can I pull a custom report (Financial Statement) via the SDK for Sage 50 Accounting?

    Currently I have a custom report that's used to create a CSV file to populate data into an in-house custom PHP financial dashboard. The way it's being populated now is a custom script that artificially runs the Sage 50 Accounting program to generate the…
  • Sage.Peachtree.API.Exceptions.ReadOnlyEntityException: 'This entity is read-only.'

    Receiving an error when attempting to save an invoice in Sage50 on prem. I have verified the Sage customer, and products are active. Any suggestions? Sage.Peachtree.API.Exceptions.ReadOnlyEntityException: 'This entity is read-only.' at Sage.Peachtree…
  • Possible to generate invoice PDF files please?

    Each working day we have a few sales orders. We would like to programmatically send an invoice (PDF file) to each customer by email. Possible to do in Sage Quantum 50 US? Use the SDK? Any hints are greatly appreciated!