• Changing fiscal year end date

    Our old year end was February and we have changed to a December year end. So, our current fiscal year will run March 23-December 23. How do I go about making that change in Sage?
  • Year-End Wizard for Multiple Companies

    How does the Year-End Wizard work for multiple companies? Does each company need to go through the process of the Year-End Wizard separately? We currently have only one company set up and I still need to do the Year-End Wizard to bring in year 2023…
  • Starting a New Company - Sage 50

    When starting a new company, is there a way to copy your employee information (name,address, ss, pay wages, etc - everything under the maintain - employee tab) without re-entering all the information over when starting the company?
  • W-2 - email address not pre-populating

    When I created my W2s originally, I got to a screen to allow me to email the instructions to my employees for accessing their W2s online. When I got to that screen, the emails were populated and I noticed several wrong email addresses. So, I exited out…
  • year end wizzard

    This is my first time using the close wizzard and I did not close my fiscal year correctly. None of my accounts were zeroed out. How can I reopen 2013 and reclose to correct my account balances?