• School Tax

    How do I set up the School Tax for the end of the year forms. When I printed out the Employer W2 to send to social security The school tax Wages it added the employee that pays school tax twice.
  • How to separate 1099 Vendors from Contract Labor vs Reimbursement?

    Do I need to create two separate Vendors? One to go towards Contract Labor for a 1099 and the other general purposes for Reimbursements? I did not see a spot to enter an adjustment amount... Please advise. Thank you! Example: Michael's Lawncare…
  • W2 Efile How long does it take to received an acceptance

    I have efiled the W2/W3 on 1-25-24 Aatrix is still saying Awaiting Confirmation from the How long does it take for acceptance confirmation? Will this effect the filing date deadline Jan 31st I have already received the Aatris Efile confirmation…
  • 1099 Misc. instead of 1099 NEC

    How do I identify a vendor needs a 1099 Misc for Rents and not a 1099 NEC?
  • Using Aatrix to efile 1099 forms

    I used Aatrix to efile one companies 1099 forms, but when I tried to efile another companies forms the message was that I was not enrolled. Can you have more than 1 Aatrix account when you are filing for multiple companies? An if yes, how do you set this…
  • 1099 NEC

    I need to print a 1099 for two companies that have the same EIN number but different names. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.
  • 1099 NEC

    Is anyone else having trouble printing 1099 NEC forms. Last year I was able to print these myself without having to use Aatrix or their forms. I was able to use the free ones I can pick up or order free from the government. I am finding no way around…
  • W-2 Federal copy not printing

    The federal & state copies of the W-2's will not print.
  • 1099 misc.

    Can I have Sage or Atrix send my 1099 to recipient like they do my W-2 so I do not have to order the forms since I only have to send out three 1099's.
  • I have multiple entities that have the same SSN used for reporting purposes. How do I get Sage to not merge the records and let me print multiple 1099-MISC's for these entities?

    I have three entities that get rent paid to them. All companies are owned by the same person but have different names with no EIN's. Sage wants to merge the records into one for the 1099-MISC. I need to have them separate. How do I keep Sage from merging…
  • My 1099s were ordered through Sage, but Copy B & C are 3-per page; apparently Sage is no longer supporting that. So why was I sent these forms and how can I get the correct ones?

    I'm trying to print 1099s. Was sent 3-per page on all forms, including B & C. Apparently Sage is now only giving print options of 4 per page? How can I get correct forms and why was I sent incorrect forms?
  • 1099NEC

    Ok, I have the payroll tax service and did not realize that the 1099NEC would print the recipient copies four to a page, which makes no sense since the recipient only needs 1 copy. I ordered 1099NEC three to a page for Fed & recipient & envelopes. I printed…
  • cannot print w-2s

    I am trying to look at and print w-2. I have less than 50 employees. When I select w-2 it is going to information on 1065 . I cannot get past it. I did not see this question ask so, i am sure it is something I am doing. Would really appreciate assist…
  • W-2 Income Adjustment

    What is the best way to adjust W-2 fields prior to printing? I have some employees with restricted stock that vested in the year. This value is to be shown as a part of their normal earnings but I have not yet entered it into Sage 50. I have already…
  • Setting up Vendor using W9

    This is our first year using Sage 50 for printing 1099s and I have quite a few W9s that have both a name & business name filled out, but only see one name field in the vendor record. How do you set up the vendor record to match the W9. (I was able to…
  • 1099 Limit

    When I run my year end 1099 Vendor Report one of the vendors was only paid $462.50. However, it has the "Limit Met" as yes. I believe the "Limit" is $600.00. How do I correct this in Sage?