We have a customer that requires separate invoices for 75% downpayment, and the remaining 25%. We use OE. Any ideas?

Any way to do this without retyping each line and calculating?

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    There is no option to invoice for one amount and bill the customer for another amount (75% down and 25% remaining).  For the down payment, you could use the Quote or Sales Order task to bill just for the amount that represents the down payment.    But once you post the invoice for the full amount, the system will only recognize that amount less any payment received or applied at the time of invoicing.   If the down payment is received prior to invoicing, while creating the invoice you can go to the Summary screen and apply the deposit to the invoice balance, therefore leaving the remaining 25% left to bill.   Otherwise, I would recommend opening a case with support to discuss your work flow and possible options.



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    This is not acceptible from the customer.  They want 2 invoices.  Slight smile

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