• How do I change the number of years that BW saves?

    How do I change the number of years that BW saves?
  • Phase item

    I'm trying to create a main group phase... but keep getting the same answer when I uncheck the "group phase" ... "The items associated with this phase must be deleted or moved before this phase can become a group phase. Group phases cannot contain items…
  • Credit Card Vendor Box

    How do I uncheck the credit card vendor box on the vendor other screen.
  • Tracker Board

    Has anyone found a way to utilize a tracker board (whether with Sage or a third party program) to where we can show the details of open orders on a tracking screen/board. As sort of a checks and balances for our warehouse staff who are packing the orders…
  • Changing a Sales Order that has been partially invoiced?

    We are using version 2019. According to an enhancement sheet for various versions we are supposed to be able to add, delete, or edit lines on sales orders that have been partially invoiced since version 2010. It appears we cannot do this. All options…
  • how to enter SUI tax in Payroll/Maintain Tax Tables / Activate States

    Hi all, sorry if this is a duplicate! If my Reemployment Tax Rate Notice says my new tax rate is .0042, is that entered as .42 in Maintain Tax Tables? thanks for your help!
  • We need to make a change to the income limit for social security on our system. What are the steps to make that change?

    We need to make a change to the income limit for social security on our system. What are the steps to make that change?
  • Can you change the EIN # for a company ?

    Can you change the EIN # for a company ?
  • Customer Category

    When running reports, there is an option to run customer list filtered by company category. I located in maintain A/R parameters here categories can be established. But I can not find any information in Sage Knowledgebase as to how company category…
  • Employer Contribution to employee HSA

    Hello, Our company has started contributing to employee HSA accounts this month. There are some that are contributing as a pre-tax payroll deduction and some that are not. They can just have not elected to to that yet? How do I get this included on…
  • How to change Unit cost in Maintain Parts in Sage Businessworks

    Hello All.... We are trying to figure out how to change the unit cost in maintain Parts which is grayed out and we are unable to change the price. Has anyone found a way to do this?
  • Purchase Orders

    We have a part that costs 5 digits. I can only enter 4 digits. How can I make it 5 digits?
  • Paying Vendors via ACH - NACHA File?

    HI! I am new to Sage BusinessWorks and we are currently running Sage BusinessWorks 2021. Does Sage BusinessWorks have the ability to export a NACHA file to upload to the bank for ACH disbursements? We are currently paying our vendors via paper check…
  • comma separator

    I can see this question being asked before (many many times) but no solution seems to be available. I want the numbers in sage to be shown with a comma separator for the thousands. It's so hard to read long lists of long numbers. Can this be done…
  • printing a check from AP

    I'm relatively new to BusinessWorks 2023 and up until now haven't had to print a check! I entered the invoice in AP, included the check number. Then I went to print checks, but there's no information there. How the heck do I print a check??
  • where is electronic forms manager

    My email no longer works for emailing AR statements. Help online keeps referring to electronic forms manager. Where is this? I am not able to find it.
  • What do you use for automatic tax calculation?

    Hi, What do Sage BusinessWorks users use for automatic tax calculation?
  • Invoice Numbering

    How can I display leading zeroes in customer invoice numbers?
  • hide employee notes

    Is there a way to hide the Employee Notes (change the security setting) in the Employee Master from a User?
  • Task Windown in Version 2021 SP13

    I have recently upgraded to version 2021 SP13. Since then my task windows are so very tiny, especially in GL. The task window does NOT give me the option to resize the window. Can anyone tell me how to resize the task window in this version. Liz Du…
  • Aloha from Hawaii! Help!

    New to Businessworks. Our fiscal close is on Oct. 31. Trial balance data is limited and is only showing me Oct. 2019 to current and nothing prior. How can I access this information?
  • BW 21 - SP8 - IC Module - Adding Multiple Bin/Locations

    Hey Everyone, Rather new to Sage here, but trying to determine if there is a way to setup multiple Bin/Location fields in BW SP8. I reached out to Live Chat, they setup a call later since they couldn't figure it out. I am trying to have 2 or 3 Bin/Locations…
  • Password Reset; Security Risk

    A user can either not be able to change any passwords including their own or be able to change all passwords including the MANAGER account. This acts as a high security risk and that there are no options to require a strong password. Is there any enhancement…
  • Paypal clearing account?

    What is the best way to handle a Paypal clearing account in a retail setup? Anyone doing this successfully? We create an invoice for the month, then post all the daily deposits for the month to clear that invoice. Works well for brick & mortar, but not…
  • Hierarchal Levels

    I am intending to acquire BusinessWorks as our accounting software. How many COA hierarchal levels can it accommodate? I think I need 5 or 6.