• Timekeeping

    What timekeeping software or system is recommended for use with Sage BusinessWorks? What about for remote workers. What are some recommendations for this?
  • BWGAccess

    How do I obtain BWGAccess? Does it come standard as part of the BusinessWorks kit or is it a separate paid for application?
  • Sage Businessworks Paya Failure

    Just got off the phone with Paya and they are no longer supporting the ability to view stored credit cards and allowing Sage Business Works to process a transaction using the method of retrieving card numbers from the vault and manually processing a transaction…
  • ODBC Connections and Intergrations with Business Works

    Hi, We've been using Business Works for years and now need to integrate Order and Invoice data into our in-house proprietary external database that manages our operations. We have a few questions: Can we use SQL to set up an ODBC connection? …
  • Production Scheduling

    My client is looking for a production scheduling add-on for BusinessWorks. Is anyone aware of a production scheduling solution for BW?
  • Inventory management solutions

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has used any 3rd party inventory solutions with BW. We find that the inventory module isn't quite doing enough for us and are constantly forecasting/managing inventory levels using excel via an ODBC connection to be…
  • Generate an EFT File

    Does BusinessWorks have the ability to create an EFT file to upload to the banks? I saw a similar thread posted 9 years ago but there was no option at the time. Our bank has this in it's requirements. File format – This needs to be 1464. The Canadian…
  • Daily Pay

    Has anyone used DailyPay (or a similar company) with Business works? If so, how well does it work and how complicated was the set up?
  • Can't post from third party vendor with a code that states we do not have Business Works Support-- but we do

    Can't post from third party vendor with a code that states we do not have Business Works Support. We do have current support which has been verified by Sage. Sent our Business Works sales rep Cheryl Fulton our BW CS SYSTEM MANAGER information:Serial…
  • Time clock to use with Businesworks Payroll

    Hi, We're looking to purchase updated time clocks that will integrate with our Sage Businessworks payroll module. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • Is Sage Business works available through the Cloud?

    We were thinking about putting our systems on the Cloud but I need to know if BusinessWorks is available to use in the Cloud. If so, any cost esitmates? Thanks!
  • Automated Order Import E-commerce Integration

    My client would like to import orders from their e-commerce site, as well as update the site when orders change in BW (i.e. update order status on site when order converted to invoice, update shipping tracking info, etc). It sounds like importing orders…
  • BusinessWorks Plug In for E-commerce integration

    Is there a plugin on the Sage BusinessWorks side that we can use to create an integration with an e-commerce website that we are trying to build? Have others integrated with BusinessWorks? If so, what site do you use for e-commerece?
  • BusinessWorks will not open after installing Windows 10.

    I get this error message after installing Windows 10. "Unable to start the application OLE Server. (The BWUSER.INI file is missing from the users "Application Data" directory.)" Please help.
  • Trying to setup BusinessWorks in a cloud based system

    We are interested in setting up BusinessWorks as a cloud based system. But don't know if that is possible and how to go about it. Any Suggestions or ideas would be helpfull.
  • Avalara

    Has anyone integrated sales tax automation into Sage Business Works?

    Hello: Longtime Businessworks user. We would like to get an integrated EDI provider. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  • BusinessWorks SDK?

    We're trying to understand our options for tying other systems into BusinessWorks 2019. Where do I download the BusinessWorks SDK? Where can I get more information about the SDK?
  • FYI - Microsoft announced that Office 2019 and Office ProPlus will default to 64 bit for new installs MC171479 - Jan 2019

    FYI - Microsoft Office 2019 will default to 64 bit install unless specified. I think BW still needs office in the 32bit for the integration? https://support.office.com/en-us/article/choose-between-the-64-bit-or-32-bit-version-of-office-2dee7807…
  • Sales tax

    With the new sales tax laws in affect for e-commerce sales, has anybody found a remedy for sales tax automation for Businessworks. It sucks that Businessworks has such limited functionality. It seems nearly nothing integrates with it.
  • BusinessWorks 2018 on Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

    What is the compatibility/support of BusinessWorks 2018 on Windows 10 Pro for Workstations?
  • Any source are available to integratewith Magento?

    Hi, I have to integrate Sage Business works with Magento 1 CMS. Currently i have to do entry manually when i get orders. So there is any thing available to integrate with magento so When i get order it directly go Sage?
  • Anyone using BusinessWorks 2017 in Windows 10 version 1705, the "Creators Update"? If you are, have you encountered any problems?

    I am justing wondering if I should update my computer from Windows 10 version 1607 to version 1705, before some of our coumputers/users automatically start updaing their machines and cuase headaches for me, the admin.
  • Windows Server 2016

    Does anyone know if BW 2017 is compatible with Windows Server 2016? If not, is it compatible with Windows Server 2012 R2? Thank you, Amanda
  • Windows 10 and Sage Business Works 2015 sp6

    I maybe late to this conversation, but does anyone know if BusinessWorks2015 sp6, can work effectivly with Windows 10?