• 2023 Service Pack 5 Release Notes

    I am trying to get to the release notes for 2023 service pack 5. When I click on the pdf link it takes me directly to the download where can I get the notes? Thanks Allison
  • new to Sage

    Good day. I am new to SageBusinessWorks. I am having some difficulties in preparing my budget. Is there a "how to" video? Adria
  • BusinessWorks 2013 in German

    Hello, We're a small to medium flower company in Zurich, Switzerland, and we need a multilingual application for our team. A colleague talked about BusinessWorks 2013 but I'm not sure such a feature exists, to have several languages running in a single…
  • Covid setting it up on Payroll I need to open a case with a live person

    I have read all the information on setting up Covid for payroll and need to set up a live help logging into Sage does not work.. the on line help does not connect HELP IS THERE A PHONE NUMBER I CAN CALL TO SET UP A CASE
  • Updated Manuals

    We have been using BW since 1999 and that is the manuals I have. We just upgraded to BW 2015 and I was wondering where to find user manuals for this version.