• Customer Category

    When running reports, there is an option to run customer list filtered by company category. I located in maintain A/R parameters here categories can be established. But I can not find any information in Sage Knowledgebase as to how company category…
  • Employer Contribution to employee HSA

    Hello, Our company has started contributing to employee HSA accounts this month. There are some that are contributing as a pre-tax payroll deduction and some that are not. They can just have not elected to to that yet? How do I get this included on…
  • How do I void a reversing journal entry?

    How do I void a reversing journal entry?
  • Overtime 3

    All these years I've never come across this until today. One of my clients needs to use OT3 for the Night Shift. It is listed in PR Parameters with a rate. But when I put it on their check stub, there is an option for OT Hourly rate 3, but no fields for…
  • Product Key BW 14

    We have been using BW when it was DOS. We have, I think BW 14. Our server has crashed and we are having to reinstall but we don't have the CD nor product key. We do have a downloaded version that is still asking for a key. So I have two questions; 1…
  • Virtual Server? Will this work with a server version of BusinessWorks?

    Is it possible to run Windows Server 2012 and the Server version of Businessworks on a virtual windows server? Version for more than 4 users.
  • How long does an upgrade take from BW 2021 to BW 2023?

    This weekend i upgraded our systems from BW 2021sp14 to BW 2023 sp2. But how long did it take? My system is network of 15 desktops running Win 10 and Win11, on Server 2016 ( Dell T550 with RAIDed SSD drives ) all gigabit network connections Our…
  • Import from past company

    Has anyone ever needed to enter a "mountain" of data into not just one, but two, companies? Is there a way to copy just that information to the second company?
  • printing a check from AP

    I'm relatively new to BusinessWorks 2023 and up until now haven't had to print a check! I entered the invoice in AP, included the check number. Then I went to print checks, but there's no information there. How the heck do I print a check??
  • Table Mapping

    What is the link between the OESalesOrder table and OELineItem. I'm pulling the data via ODBC and trying to identify the key between the two tables. Any insight or documentation you can direct me towards would be greatly appreciated! (BW 2019)
  • ODBC Connections and Intergrations with Business Works

    Hi, We've been using Business Works for years and now need to integrate Order and Invoice data into our in-house proprietary external database that manages our operations. We have a few questions: Can we use SQL to set up an ODBC connection? …
  • Announcing Sage BusinessWorks 2021 SP15 and 2023 SP1

    What's new This update contains additional updates for the 2023 payroll taxes and program fixes. For detailed information about this release and payroll tax changes please see: Sage BusinessWorks 2023 Release Notes Sage BusinessWorks Accounting…

    Hello! I just discovered I have duplicated a deposit, in error. How do I correct this? Thanks in advance!
  • Tips before upgrading to 2023

    Thinking of upgrading to Sage BusinessWorks 2023? Things you need to know before you begin. Sage BusinessWorks 2023 is upgrading the database engine from Pervasive 10.3 to Actian Zen 15.1 Ensure compatibility with any software that may use Pervasive…
  • Sage BW 2023 - System Requirements

    Is Windows 11 go to go for the client PC ? Is MS Server 2022 good for the Server in a CS version ? I did look at all the docs online, and could not locate this information. Vince
  • Announcing Sage BusinessWorks 2023 release

    We're pleased to announce the Sage BusinessWorks 2023 release! Important note Sage BusinessWorks 2023 release will require new Microsoft C++ files to be installed on your computer. No other interaction will be required as the install package will…
  • Export Component List

    I am trying to export the component list for parts within Business Works. There is no way to do this through the program, but was told you can do this through a query in excel. Does anyone have experience with this? Can someone provide steps to query…
  • Task Windown in Version 2021 SP13

    I have recently upgraded to version 2021 SP13. Since then my task windows are so very tiny, especially in GL. The task window does NOT give me the option to resize the window. Can anyone tell me how to resize the task window in this version. Liz Du…
  • Voided a check twice.

    A check issued in May was voided in August AND voided in May. So the check has been voided twice thru A/P. How do I fix this problem? Thank you!
  • Businessworks 2013 Installation

    Hello everyone, we have been having problem lately with our businessworks 2013. It is not opening up and giving us bunch of different error messages. I uninstalled it hoping to get the installer from sage to reinstall but sage is not helping me here…
  • How to fix? I voided A/P EFT payment and invoice so now I show two debits in checking account

    I needed to void an A/P entry I had made as a prepaid Invoice paid by EFT. I Voided the payment, however, I then saw the open invoice and when I voided that, I ended up with two debits in my checking account under A/P. So it looks like the amount was…
  • Unable to download BW 2021

    Hello! When attempting to download BW version 2021, this message pops up: Sorry, there has been an error We are sorry for the inconvenience. It seems you are not authorized to view this document. My support plan is current. What's weird is that…
  • How do I post a vendor credit for purchase paid by credit card

    Received a credit memo from a vendor that is paid by credit card. How do I post this to show in Vendor's account and to reduce amount owed to credit card company?
  • How are hours over 40 per week distributed

    When employee has over 40 hours per week, some of the hours are showing as OT1, some OT2 - how is this determined
  • Temporary price increase BusinessWorks 2018

    We the current situation our vendors are sending use notices of temporary price increases. Is there a way that I can add a flat % to a quote, similar to the freight charge? Also, is there a way to add an option for an additional line for adding a % for…