How do I change the posting period to a journal transaction?


I entered a journal transaction and accidentally saved it under the wrong month and year. How do I change the one journal transaction? 

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    Hi Esmeralda. Open the transaction in 1-3 and then click the calendar icon in the upper right on the toolbar. This will allow you to change the posting period. This only works for transactions posted directly in the journal (from 1-1, 1-2, and 1-3). Other types of transactions would have to be changed in the source record.

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    Thank you for your prompt reply. As directed, I opened the transaction under 1-3 and changed the month and year to the intended date then I saved it by clicking the disk (upper right hand corner). However, when I go to the balance sheet and the income statement, the entries do not appear on it. Also, when I go back to 1-3 and pull up the journal transaction the month (calendar icon) is still on July. I'm perplexed as what to do next. 

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    Hi Esmeralda

    What kind of transaction created the entry?  If it was a payroll record, AP invoice or anything besides a regular journal entry, GL check, or GL deposit the instructions will be different.  We need more info or a screen shot of the GL record in 1-3.

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