Terminated Employees Disappeared after Payroll Archive


After our 2022 payroll was archived, we can no longer see Terminated employees (status = 5-Terminated) in the current version.  We still can see Laid Off employees and employees that Quit but no Terminated employees.  This was not a problem when we archived payroll in past years.    This seems like an error.

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    I am not sure if this will help, but when you are archiving the payroll file and creating the name for the file, that is when you are given the option to remove records for specific employee statuses. There is a check box for each (Quit, Laid off, Terminated, Deceased). I do not believe the archive process will default to any of these checked. I think you have to actually check the box. The only thing I can think of us that you selected for these to me removed or it somehow defaulted to having Terminated employees removed. 

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    I think Char had it right, but mistyped her reply.  Go to 5-2-1 Employees, click on the down arrow to bring up the lookup window for employees, click on Options>Show Inactive Records.  Scan the list now and see if your missing employees have been marked as Inactive.  If so, go back to Options>Edit Inactive Setting and you can uncheck the Inactive box in the lookup window.

    We find that some people get annoyed with seeing Terminated or other status employees in their list and start marking them as Inactive.  Then time passes and they forget that they inactivated them.  Closing Payroll in 5-3-8 won't remove employee records.  Archiving the Payroll Year on the server in Database Administration does give you an option to remove employees based on their status from the current company, but the removed employees will be found in the resulting archive database.  Also, removing employees during a payroll archive is often quite difficult as the system won't remove them if it finds the employee referenced in old job costs or other records.

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    Thanks Walt, yes that was a typo.  Meant employee records window, not payroll.  

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