Email Direct Deposit Stubs at a Later Date

I understand that this feature is available.  What version did it become available?  Where is the setup for this?

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    Hi Kathy. If you are referring to assigning the direct deposit check#s before emailing them, that was added to 5-2-5 several years ago. Here are the instructions from the Sage 100 Contractor Help:

    1. Open 5-2-5 Direct Deposit File Manager.
    2. If you plan to email the check stubs later, on the Assign Check Numbers tab:
      1. Enter criteria to select the payroll records for which to assign check numbers.
      2. Specify whether to order the file by payroll record number or employee name.
      3. Click [OK].
      4. On the Direct Deposit Check# Assignment window, enter:
        1. The first check number to use to start assigning check numbers in this batch.
        2. The check date to assign to payments in this batch.
        3. Click [Preview Check#].
        4. Click [Yes] at the message asking whether to view a list of the direct deposit check numbers that will be assigned.
        5. On the Direct Deposit Check Numbers window, verify the information displayed in the list.
        6. Close the window, and then click [Yes] to assign the check numbers.

    You can then finish processing payroll and email them at later date from 5-2-4.

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    This is not exactly what i was looking for.  Is there a way to process payroll but schedule sending the direct deposit stubs for a particular date?  Based on your instructions above, i would still have to go to the 5-2-4 to "print" the checks on the date i want them to be sent?

  • Just looking back - what i would really want to be able to do, is during the payroll process, after computing, in the 5-2-4  screen, have an option to print the checks and schedule the date the emails will be sent.  

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    Unfortunately, direct deposit emails cannot be scheduled to automatically be sent at a certain time. The batch has be triggered from the 5-2-4 window. If you would like to add this as product enhancement request, please post your suggestion on the Sage 100 Contractor Ideas board.

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    Thanks.  I will definitely post this.  I've been reading a good bit and i think there are several who want this.  

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