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What is the best way to produce a report that shows the job costs that have been paid on a job? I would think you could produce a Job Cost Journal (6-1-2) and filter by the job and by status ("paid"), but it does not allow me to choose a status.


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    Hi Ralls. The reason you can't do this is because is there no Paid status for 6-3 job cost records. If you are billing these costs through Time & Materials billing, you could modify one of the 6-1-2 reports to add a criteria for the Invoice Record# field, which is the record# of the AR Invoice the cost was billed on when posted in T&M billing. It won't be able to show you if it has actually been paid, just billed.

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    Okay that is good to know. We do not use T&M billing, but I just wanted to make sure I was not missing any potential reports. 

    Right now we have a custom Job Cash Flow report that. I can use data off it to back into what has been paid since it has Total Job Costs and Total balance of A/P, so that difference can tell me how much has been paid. And there is also a breakdown detail for each of those columns. Just thought there may be a more direct way to find it. Thank you!

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