• Retention for Subcontractors

    Asked two years ago and didn't get any replies - When releasing retention on a job, the AR module allows you to update the due date for invoices. This allows you to run aging reports with the retention showing in the correct column. However, when…
  • 1099 AAtrix Error

    Is anyone else receiving an error when we try to finalize and pay for our 1099s. I've tried mulitple files and credit cards. It also immediately pops up so it isn't timing out after 5 tries. "An error occurred uploading the payload file. Error uploading…
  • Accounts Payable

    We have a single vendor that we have two accounts # for. What is the best way to set this up ?
  • Lien Waivers - accounts payable

    When you cut a check and print a Lien Waiver, can you customize the form to include "paid to date" on a job for that vendor?
  • Vendor ACH Remittance

    What determines the order of printing the vendor ACH remittance emails in hard copy? There are not options and its definitely not vendor number.
  • purchase order - close during A/P Entry

    We have the option to close a purchase order automatically set to when the balance is zero. Is there a way to close a purchase order during accounts payable entry when the invoice is less than the total purchase order?
  • Possible to Have Non-Taxable Items on POs?

    Is it possible to have a non-taxable part/item in a Sage PO? Frequently, freight is not taxable so we're having to manually adjust the tax amount when paying invoices from POs in 4-2. Thank you!
  • Lowes Credit Card Bank Feed

    Hey all, Has anyone had luck adding a Lowes Credit Card (through Synchrony Bank) as a bank feed? I tried the login credentials through both Synchrony options in the Plaid interface and neither worked. I'd like to automate as much as possible, though…
  • 2-6-0-21 Check Register Report

    Can anyone advise on what the "*" means next to the date on the Check Register Report 2-6-0-21 ? Thanks for your help in advance!
  • over payment to vendor

    I made an over payment to a subcontractor, how do I post the credit to A/P and how do I post the reimbursement check for the over payment?
  • Purchasing

    Purchasing Icon dissapeared and furthermore, Why when you receipt a purchase order do you still have to import, to JC & AP for lif? Then post in each module as well? You would think in this day and age that those procedures would be automatic? This process…
  • Payable (invoice) audit process

    Is there a process in Sage100 Contractor to input job invoices for tracking purposes but need to be marked approved (after a separate internal audit process)? Ideally invoices would not be valid in any reporting until approved.
  • Voided A/P Checks

    I just voided several checks for a vendor. How do I run a voided check report?
  • Recurring - setup error: Is there a way to correct the Amortization page without staring over?

    I put payment number in and should have left it blank. Can I change the payment number at the top of the Amortization page?
  • Accounts Payable Check View

    How do I get from an accounts payable check to the list of invoices paid with that check after the fact?
  • Renumber checks posted to GL

    I am hoping someone can explain how to correct checks that are out of order. Essentially we stuck checks on the printer and someone printed a 3 page report. Therefore 3 of our checks were messed up and we need to renumber the checks that have already…
  • AP invoice prior year $0

    I have a little issue I am trying to clean up and cannot seem to figure out a solution. Any help would be appreciated... I have an A/P Invoice for a Vendor (the only invoice for this vendor in 2022). It was pushed to Sage 100 Contractor from Sage…
  • A/P-A/R DPO - Owner Direct Purchase

    We are using Sage 100con. We purchase items from a vendor and receive an invoice that is then paid for by the GC and we are given a deductive change order on the progress billing. How do we show the open invoice in AP paid for against the progress billing…
  • Non Job Receivable / Vendor Receivable

    Hello! I am new to this forum. I was not able to find any recent discussions or threads to help me answer my question, but hopefully someone here can help me out.... (this is in Sage 100 Contractor) 1. I have not found a way to create a receivable…
  • Voiding a Stale Check from Previous Archived Fiscal Year in Sage 100 (America)

    Good morning, Is there a need to void a stale check from previous archived year? Thank you, Prue
  • Debit Cards linked to checking accounts

    How can I set up Debit Cards that are linked to our checking account since you can not use subaccounts on cash general ledger accounts? I do not want to set them up as credit cards, because the purchases on these debit cards are the same as if we wrote…
  • Vendor Discounts

    Can you set up a vendors discount to be taken after the tax? Our supplier has changed to calculate the discount on the total amount with tax.
  • Marking Home Depot Invoice as Paid

    When I enter invoices for Home Depot, the charges have to get applied to many different jobs so I have to enter it via Accounts Payable. But I now want to make the payment online on Home Depot's website. How do I mark those invoices as paid(get them off…
  • Printing Vendor checks using conditions

    Is there a condition that can be applied that will allow a batch of check to only print if they are under a certain dollar amount? I am needing my checks to be split up by dollar amounts. So I will go in and select all of the invoices that need to be…
  • credit card details load into the GL

    new to Sage 100 C. What is the best way to enter CC transaction details into AP? Create CC setup (for each user) and then enter a payable for each transaction with a payment method of CC? You then reconcile the CC statement and select to pay the CC? Or…