• Vendor Refund Check

    We overpaid a vendor, They issued a refund check for the overpayment, What is the correct way to resolve this and record>?
  • Purchases using Rewards Points or Rebates with Job Costs

    We purchase small tools or sometimes material for small jobs using Rebates or Rewards Points. Can I just enter an AP Invoice and mark it as paid before saving so the job cost gets entered but there's nothing to pay?
  • Creating & Using Departments

    Hello, I am wanting to make sure I understand how to use the Departments feature in Sage 100 C before implementing. My goal is to be able to track profitability by Departments 1 & 2. I have gone into each of our projects and made every job have either…
  • Timecard Hours Only

    We book payroll by journal entry BUT I'm wanting to post the hours from a timecard - no dollars - nothing to the GL - only total hours to the jobs/work orders listed on the timecard. Is this possible?
  • Credit Card Transactions

    Hello, we are just beginning to look at the credit card module and importing transactions. When we imported our transactions our credit card put a lump (total) amount for 3 separate transactions. How do job cost this for it to be for 3 separate jobs?
  • AP Aging Write Off

    Hi, Our company is attempting to write of all AP before 2018. Our goal is to clean up AP/AP Aging report. I realize this cold potential add misc income but that is OK. I'm attempting to remove the old AP from BS, remove the AP from the vendor account…
  • 1-3 Journal Transaction - "Cleared" Status

    I am trying to understand what makes a journal entry in the 1-3 Ledger Transactions be marked as cleared? In my mind after something clears a bank recon then it should be marked as cleared, so the only transactions in the "Open" status are current transactions…
  • Billing / Job Cost/ WIP

    We use Billing Mod. Have Residential material sales, bill retail sales tax. Tax does not post to Income. My question: how can we stop sales tax on Invoice from posting on WIP in Job Cost? Thanks!
  • Is there a way to mark an invoice to a Job as "Not Billable" as you're entering it in Payable Invoices/Credits?

    Currently, I pull up the Job Costs entry for the invoice right after entering the invoice into Payable Invoices/Credits to make the change, but that's cumbersome and easy to miss if I'm busy. Has anyone found a way to mark a cost Not Billable as the cost…
  • Vendor Invoice for multiple jobs and overhead

    How do I enter a vendor invoice that has charges for multiple jobs and overhead? Thanks
  • After you final compute payroll, does it matter what order you do the rest (Creating Direct Deposit File, Posting Payroll to GL & Emailing Deposit Notices)?

    I was told in training that I had to email deposit notices first, then create a NACHA file through the Direct Deposit File Manager, then post payroll to GL. They seemed very adamant it had to be done in that order but reading through Sage help and trying…
  • How do I apply a check I received against a credit invoice in A/P?

    I have an credit invoice in Accounts Payable for a pending deposit refund and received a Check from the vendor for the refund. How do I apply the payment against the AP Invoice?
  • Duplicate AR Invoice Numbers

    For some reason I found a glitch where my 3-2 AR Invoice window has been producing multiple duplicate invoice numbers. They are about a month apart but it seems to have stopped. I have no idea why it did this and what the fix is? Anyone? Thanks…
  • How can I apply Credit Card purchases to jobs?

    I have tried to add in through AP. However, when I go to Job Cost, the receipts are not showing. I also tried to add in under 4-7-3 and still not coming up under job cost. We need to be able to see total job cost for the specific job and gross profit…
  • Accounts Payable

    We have a single vendor that we have two accounts # for. What is the best way to set this up ?
  • Posting payroll

    I am trying to post the payroll records but I'm getting the message that there are no payroll records to be found. I have completed a final compute on the records and when I go in to view each record, it tells me it's computed (not posted) so I'm not…
  • purchase order - close during A/P Entry

    We have the option to close a purchase order automatically set to when the balance is zero. Is there a way to close a purchase order during accounts payable entry when the invoice is less than the total purchase order?
  • Second Company

    We are starting a second company that will be a new LLC. What is the best way to show movement of funds between the two companies?
  • Sage 100 Contractor Inventory module - bar codes or QR Codes

    Is anyone using either bar codes or QR Codes for creating 12-2 records in Sage 100 Contractor?
  • RBC Royal Bank EFT file

    I'm having trouble getting RBC to accept a file; the issue is on line 3 at col 254; they are expecting blanks, where everyone else seems to want it 0 filled. Does anyone use RBC and Sage 100 contractor EFT that's working? I've never had it fail befor…
  • over payment to vendor

    I made an over payment to a subcontractor, how do I post the credit to A/P and how do I post the reimbursement check for the over payment?
  • Question about 1-3 Journal entry

    When recording a journal entry via 1-3, is there a way to reference a vendor invoice to make the journal entry pay that?
  • Deposit invoice posted to Profit and Loss (P&L)

    Is there way to invoice a customer for a depost and not have it appear on the P&L?
  • Asterix in View 1-5

    In the view 1-5, I am wondering what does it mean when some transactions have an asterix next to them or no asterix.
  • 11-2 Work Orders Posting - automatic change to today for invoice date posting - wrong period

    I'm trying to close out last month's work orders. We close and post in the period per the last day of labor. ie: In work orders (11-2) I change the invoice date on the billing tab to the LDOL (ex. 06/12/23) -->> I then change the posting period to 6…