• County Request for list of subs/paid amounts/tax ID's for 2023

    One of our local counties is requesting a list of subcontractor's, Tax ID and amount paid for 2023 for their jurisdiction. Can I run a report for this?
  • Monthly Income Statement

    We are new to Sage 100. We are trying to run a report that shows what we invoiced, and any payments/debits made. We ran report 2-3-21. However, that report is showing every invoice we received for the month even though it wasn't paid. Some of our credit…
  • Accountant asking for a list of Revenue for the year by Customer.

    Sage 100 Contractor. Where would I pull this type of report from? If I go into the 3-6 and choose a specific client and click on the payment button those payment total for that year are different than if I run the Report 3-1-2 78. So where do I find a…
  • Job Period Aging report 3-1-3-46

    When I print this job period aging report for the period Dec 2023, the report displays the retainage in the aging portion of the report instead of the retainage column, but only for jobs that we received the retainage payment in January 2024. Since…
  • Aletering a custom report

    Reposrt 05-02-08-61 report I would like summarized by employee and grand totals. I have done it before, but saved as a shared report. We got a new server mid last year and I lost the report. I need it for an audit due on Feb 1, 2024. I know it is simple…
  • Is there any way to get a Union Benefit Report where I can select which benefit calculations I want under the paygroup?

    Our monthly union benefit payment is split and 9 of the benefit calculations get paid to one place and 3 get paid to another. As far as I can see the Union Reports (for ex. 5-1-7-31) total the benefits by paygroup and unfortunately the report is not modifiable…
  • 1094-B & 1095-B

    My predecessors (4 of them) never utilized Sage/ACA portion. We now need to file electronically. How do I "fix" every employee for 2023 hours so I can file?
  • How do I reprint a check

    I have a check that posted but did not print and I need to reprint it
  • Recently filed W2s are not listed in Aatrix History button

    We recently filed 2023 W2s and completed the process except printing the employee copies to pdf for our records. I understand that the Aatrix files are located inside the company folder on the server where they were processed and we can see them there…
  • Report 6-8-1 Cost To Complete Report is inaccurate

    I am using Sage 100 Contractor The program will not allow this version to be entered when attempting to set up a new support case. The program will not allow uploading of images when attempting to set up a new support case. The program…
  • Printing job statements is cutting off paid dates

    Report 3-4-21 (at least in the Canadian edition) is cutting off the dates when you print the payments. This has been happening for a while, but we were hoping it would get fixed in a subsequent release
  • 5-1-7 Union Report

    Hello, is there a way to make a copy of 5-1-7 report 31 (union report) to modify it?
  • Short Term Disability

    Following the steps, we've got the employee check posted for 2023 STD pay (with calcs for Med/SS). Going into Aatrix to prepare W2's, we can't figure out how to add the STD wages to box 14. I'm sure it's a simple step we've missed somewhere.
  • Phases Wip Reports

    We have been setting up phases in Sage 100 Contractor for each small job for a customer instead of setting up several small jobs. We then have been billing each phase. It is my understanding that we can not close the phases in sage 100 contractor. …
  • 1099 AAtrix Error

    Is anyone else receiving an error when we try to finalize and pay for our 1099s. I've tried mulitple files and credit cards. It also immediately pops up so it isn't timing out after 5 tries. "An error occurred uploading the payload file. Error uploading…
  • 1099 processing issue

    After generating files for all 1099's and starting the 'MERGE' process - getting a message -'168 of the 168 recipient(s) had no transaction data and will not be displayed'. What are we doing wrong?
  • Report Modification - for new payroll calculation

    I set up a new payroll calculation for a ROTH IRA. It works fine with payroll however I want to add it to one of my reports but can't find what the name of the destination field is. Can anyone help me with how to add this to my report? Thank you
  • 5-1-1-22 Raise History Not showing Correctly

    When running 5-1-1-22, the raise history field is not showing correctly, yet when going into the employee file and using the Raise History button, it shows as it is supposed to.
  • Cost to Complete Report Inaccurate

    While reviewing a Cost to Compete Report we noted the Foundation Subcontractor had been paid only $415. On review he was paid the complete $7,500. The Job Summary Report shows the complete amount paid. Foundation Block 4 - Drywall 320.000 - Foundation…
  • Report Field

    There is a field in a Job Cost Report that I want in my Custom Report. Does any one know the name of this field "Jobcst^pytpnm"
  • T&M Billed by Cost Code Report?

    I have been trying to determine how to print a "Billed by Cost Code" report in Sage 100 on a T&M Project. This would be highly beneficial for budget update and client inquiries by cost code and would eliminate the need to derive the totals manually in…
  • AR Invoice List

    Hey All, We are still new to Sage 100. I can run a report to see what we invoiced for each month. (3-1-2 Report # 21). However, I was wanting to run a report to show everything thus far this year. January till November. Is there a way to do that? To…
  • Job Cost Report - Paid Status

    Hello, What is the best way to produce a report that shows the job costs that have been paid on a job? I would think you could produce a Job Cost Journal (6-1-2) and filter by the job and by status ("paid"), but it does not allow me to choose a status…
  • Pending Invoice Report

    Hi, can someone tell me how to generate a report for pending prime invoices?
  • 13-6-21 Report List shows "Apex Format" on some reports

    Running 13-6-21 is a listing of all reports in Sage. Some reports are showing "Apex Format". Never seen that before. What is this?