• Sage 100 Payroll Calculation set up for section 125

    hi, Does anyone knows how to set up payroll calculation 5-3-1 for section 125 Health insurance for EE & ER contribution?
  • Payroll Calculations - Sage 100 Canada

    Is there anyone willing to share their payroll calculations (how they are set up)? Particularly looking for the WCB calculation and the processes you do or if you even use it. Please email me at [email protected]
  • Price and Quantity Reversed When Data Moves from PO to Invoice Entry

    Hi, Data is flipped between the PO Screen and Invoice Screen. In PO... Price - $25 Quantity - 300 When I go into Accounts Payable Invoice Entry... Price- 300 Quantity - $25 Is there a way to fix this? I think it is a configuration issue…
  • SAGE 100 Contractor Creating PO's

    We have had our system setup since back before SAGE moved to MSSQL (2010 or earlier) to automatically populate the PO number with the next available PO Number automatically and have never had any issues with it. As of about a week ago it started failing…
  • 11-2 Invoice Detail - Markup%

    In 11-2, The Invoice Detail Tab. Having the ability to Markup individual line items would be nice. For we do a lot of T&M work and markup materials differtent for subcontractors, permits, labor, etc... Right now there is one spot for markup% and it…
  • AR not following sequential numbering

    We did the update to 25.3.84, we archived payroll for 2023. Now I am trying to create AR invoices for our customers but it is not following the sequential numbering anymore. I am creating invoices today and usually after creating one invoice, the next…
  • 3-2 Receivable Invoice Numbers Incorrect and Out of Order

    How to get 3-2 Receivable Invoice numbers to autofill with 5 digit sequential numbers? It has started using 6 digits that we don't use.
  • NEXT setting in AR invoices, Service, Purchase orders has changed?

    I wonder if this is by design, but it seems like release has changed the way it grabs the "next" invoice number to be more like job numbers where it grabs the last highest number in the database instead of adding one to the last one that was…
  • Training Environment.

    We have sage 100 contractor. I would like to give one of my employees access to one of the sample companies listed in our company list window. The "sample company" shows up in my company list, but not my employees list of companies. How do I get her access…
  • Finance Charge Invoice Numbering

    Does anyone know how the invoice numbers for finance charges are determined? Previously the finance charges for our jobs have defaulted as double digits and the finance charges for our work orders have been triple digits. Last month the finance charges…
  • Emailing Customer Statements

    Hello, We are having issues with the ability to email our customers their statements every month. It gives us a error message of, "Unable to send email via Outlook: Sorry, something went wrong. You may want to try again." It does then show up in…
  • Default Invoice# Appearing in 4-4

    Ever since we upgraded to V25, a very long, odd invoice number appears in the Invoice # field when starting up Sage 100 Contractor. Before this, that field would be empty until an invoice number was put in and then it would go to the next number. It no…
  • 6-12 - Project Work Center - Any way to copy custom menu from one machine/user to another? Or can a custom menu be made the default for all users?

    Hello, we're working on Sage 100 Contractor version 25.1.330.0. Is there any way to copy a custom Project Work Center menu from one device/user to another or to make the custom menu the default for all users?
  • Chart of accounts renaming

    Do I need special Sage credentials to change the name of an account in the Chart of accounts. I want to make it something more specific. What are the steps I need to take to go an edit the account name in the chart of accounts?
  • Restart job number sequence in 3-5 Jobs

    We are needing to restart our job number sequence to a smaller sequence. Example current number is 259339352. We need to restart at 4 or 5 digits like 30000. How can I restart the sequence. Is it something I can do at year end?
  • why is screen 3-5 missing units from approved change orders?

    We entered original budget with units (quantities) and a few approved change orders with quantities. But original quantities and only part of the change order units are appearing in the 3-5 budget screen. The 3-5 budget screen is leaving off part of the…
  • Possible to Have Non-Taxable Items on POs?

    Is it possible to have a non-taxable part/item in a Sage PO? Frequently, freight is not taxable so we're having to manually adjust the tax amount when paying invoices from POs in 4-2. Thank you!
  • Progress Billing SOV

    How can progress billings be setup to use Phases as the SOV lines that can have multiple cost codes assigned to the phase? Also, how can tasks be associated with cost codes?
  • Step by Step for Direct Deposit

    Is anyone doing direct deposit successfully? I have followed these directions and I still can't get it to work. I have paid other Sage consultants but most do not know how to do it. I checked on the Sage 100c videos and there is nothing on it. It…
  • Drop Down not showing up in 1-7

    When I select 1-7 and try to see the drop down for accounts, it opens a blank screen in the background, but doesn't display a list. I have had the same thing happen in other parts of the program; however, today those are working (for instance, 5-3-1)…
  • Attaching documents to vendors

    when you attach a document to the vendor list are you able to save it in a different folder on the network
  • We will be changing the network IPs for one of our customers sites where their Sage 100 Contractor server is. Are there any concerns with doing this as far as client connections?

    The SAGE Contractor 100 server will need to have it's IP address changed as part of this change. Will we need to reinstall the Sage Contractor 100 client and change the license server IP if the license server is on the SAGE 100 Contractor server, or…
  • next check number message

    Does anyone know if there is a way to turn off the message "the starting check number is default for the account"?
  • Assigning GL accounts to Payroll Pay Types

    I cannot figure out where to edit the GL accounts that are assigned to certain pay types. I have searched up and down and through several forums and am so lost on what to do. For example, currently our pay type 9-Misc hits whatever GL account the employee…
  • Sage 100 Contractor Setup

    Hi Is there any training provided/offered by Sage on setting up Sage 100 Contractors? Kind Regards