• Issue with the update since upgrading

    I have tested this in completely separate workspaces (different clients, different provinces, different computers) and am getting a similar result. V - Canada In enter credit card receipts; no vendor, but select a job; in the AP lines, enter…
  • Payroll errors in previous year are messing up 2024 payroll YTD calculations

    The answer is yes! Let me explain, I followed the year-end guide. I ran the audit, I repaired the errors listed in the audit, I ran the audit again to check for errors. There was zip, zero, zilch errors reported. I proceeded to close 2023 payroll. Everything…
  • what does pervasive error code 54 mean and what do I need to do?

    what does pervasive error code 54 mean and what do I need to do?
  • Terminated Employees Disappeared after Payroll Archive

    After our 2022 payroll was archived, we can no longer see Terminated employees (status = 5-Terminated) in the current version. We still can see Laid Off employees and employees that Quit but no Terminated employees. This was not a problem when we archived…
  • Possible to correct multiple sick / PTO records at once?

    We have at least a couple hundred payroll records where PTO (sick time) was used while we were running the broken version 24.2.103 of Sage. The process for fixing these, listed as the resolution to defect # 39917 is a manual process for each individual…
  • Work Order details mysteriously moving to an unrelated work order for a different client and deletes the values that were there.

    Work Order details mysteriously moving to an unrelated work order for a different client and deletes the values that were there. Any ideas on how this happens and what we can do to prevent it?
  • Anyone aware of v23 issue daily payroll line numbers in report

    In a custom report showing line numbers for daily payroll data, line 5 shows as line 5,000, line 9 as 9,000, etc. See picture below.
  • SAGE Estimating Error message "boolean not recognized"

    Hello, this has happened on two of the take off templates I have been working on while trying to add bid items. I have attached a screen shot of where I have been adding the bid items in the take off templates also. Is this what could be causing the error…
  • AR Sales Tax District field Randomly being filled

    We are seeing a strange thing happening and wondering if this has happened to any one else. Occasionally, we are seeing strange entries in our AR Sales Tax District field in AR Jobs. These entries do not match the project location. We are removing them…
  • Service Profitability Reports STILL NO COST DATA

    After this latest update 21.3.39 Sage 100 Contractor, the service profitability reports are still not showing any cost data. When will this be corrected?
  • Earnings and Payroll Don't Match

    From 5-2-1 Employees, we have an employee whose Earnings show $875 more than their Payroll totals. (the two Buttons at the lower left) Report 5-1-9-31 (YTD Earnings) is $875 higher than Report 5-1-2-41 (Payroll Check Register Totals) How is this even…
  • Invoice Details Disappeared but Grid Total Remained in 11-2 Service Receivables module

    I have an order in 11-2 Service Receivables that originally had parts, quantities and price in the Invoice Details grid - that calculated up to a total that was emailed as a Quote to a Client. Today, the grid on the Invoice Details tab for that order…
  • unable to open

    No company lists showing when I open. Initially drive Z was not showing on the drop-down list. Mapped the drive and now it is showing but when I select drive Z it says "Unable to locate required program directories. Please select another drive."
  • Database Issues with v 19.5

    Is anyone having issues after upgrading to 19.5? My outside contractor who logs into our server remotely keeps getting kicked out with an Error "Unable to continue: A database error occurred: Error 50_90613 Locking File Invalid or Unknown Error Code"…