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Good morning, I have a positive pay report that currently shows a 2 digit year (i.e. 11/17/23).  How do I change it to show a 4 digit year (i.e. 11/17/2023) in Report Designer?

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    The formula is a JOIN formula which creates a TEXT output. As you can see from the formula, there are three other formulas that retrieve the month, day and year.  You would need to open the YEARS formula using the menu Tools > Formulas to understand how it was returning only the two digit year. You can post a screen capture of that formula if you would like further guidance.  

    Replacing the TEXT field of the date with a DATE formatted field may or may not work when the output is generated to deliver to your bank, depending on whether typical date formatting characters are included, i.e.  / or - between the month, day and year fields.  Often banks required only a string of digits without formatting characters, but if your bank accepts that then you're OK with the modification you made.

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