• AP - This program is about to close. See the journal in the following location

    We started experiencing this issue 2 days ago and it seems that we are unable to get past the error. When trying to make a payment in Sage AP, my user gets the following error when trying to submit: This program is about to close. See the journal in the…
  • How to record reissuance of check from third party (Avid Exchange) refund to not overstate 1099 vendor totals

    My company uses Avid Exchange to cut checks. We have a check that got outstanding for too long and Avid refunded us the money. How do I reissue the check without overstating the vendor totals for 1099 reporting purposes. Here are the problems I came across…
  • Subcontractor List

    How do I create a report that will show me a summary balance total paid to a Vendor/Subcontractor in a specific time period ?
  • Sage 300 CRE Find Deleted Invoices

    We believe a user deleted some AP vendor invoices. How can we find deleted AP vendor invoices in Sage 300 CRE?
  • Sort Vendor by Payment Type

    How do I go about generating a list of vendors sorted by their payment type? I want to know which vendors I pay are paid by EFT, Cheque, etc.
  • Vendor Duplicate

    Does Sage prevent creating one vendor with multiple accounts if you enter a duplicate EIN number? I have two companies that have the same name except one is an LLC at the end and one is an INC. They are two different companies, but it brought up the importance…
  • Vendors being excluded from Insurance Audit Totals

    We are beginning a project in which our subcontractors are to be excluded from our insurance audit totals. Since these same subcontractors may be working on other projects for us that will be included in the audit totals, does anyone have a solution would…
  • Zero checks - how to clear

    I have retainage owed to a subcontractor, and now given a backcharge against their contract, which zero's out what I would have paid them in retainage. How do I make it disapear from the payment selection. I've tried to print a zero $ check, but Sage…
  • Address Book and Accounts Payable Vendors

    I just recently started to use the Address Book module. I have noticed that most of my AP vendors, although appear in address book, do not have addresses associated with them. I need to do a mass mailing to all AP and AR vendors. Is there a way to populate…
  • Transferring a credit balance

    How would I go about transferring a credit balance from one Vendor to another in Sage? We work with a Vendor that has a Concrete business and a lumber business and our records have each of these subdivisions as a vendor in Sage. Currently we have a…
  • AP Retainage Billed Report

    We are having issues with getting subcontractors who have billed retainage to show up on a report since Sage 300 refuses to create a "bill retainage" button in AP. When I submit reports to management they have no idea a retainage bill from a subcontractor…
  • Pop Up Window Re-Sizing Contents

    When using accounts payable - as an example - the pop up windows contents are extremely small. I am running windows 11. I have contacted technical support and anyone they will forward me to. The only answers I have gotten have been to purchase non hd…
  • Printing Journals for AP only

    Is it possible to set up to print journals for AP only? If so, I need to the journal to not only print but also be able to save it to a file. Thanks. Jannice
  • Sage Paperless APFLow

    I am looking for a way to improve our AP methods. We currently have all paper invoices and delivery receipts and lots and lots of paper. Does anyone out there use Sage Paperless APFlow? Do you like it ? How was the transition?

    Hello, I use the Sage 300 Construction Correspondence log in the Project Management Module. I often have to hand type out 8-10 lines of repetitive information for each subcontractor I enter in the log. Is there a way to give the system the name of a…
  • hh2 Synch Issue with Sage New Monthly Subscription

    We are encountering issues where hh2 stops synching with Sage due to the new monthly subscription model. The Sage pop-up message in regard to license expiring halts the synch. We have to click the "do not show again" box to eliminate the message then…
  • Payment Approval

    Is there an app that can be integrated with Sage300CRE to sign cheques electronically? Owner wants to approve invoices for payment first and then accounting staff will either print the cheque or EFT.
  • Select Invoices to Pay - Filter by Vendor Type

    When selecting invoices to pay, is there a way to add a condition to filter by vendor type? We run weekly supplier cheque runs and we haven't found a way to filter these vendors out from the subcontractor vendors.
  • AP Vendor Clean UP

    - Is there a way to mass update active vendors to inactive status?
  • Credit Card Payment Process

    Good Morning We are layering in additional internal control measures for our AP/credit card procedure using Timberscan/Sage 300. Does anyone have a procedure they can share when these responsibilities are split between two people? One person…
  • Open Invoices

    Hi, I am new to Sage, How do I run a report that will give all the open invoices for a specific project ?
  • Set up invoices in ap monthly

    Hello, I have a few subscriptions that are charged to the credit card monthly and a few that come out via debit card, that require a manual check. Since the invoices always stay the same, is there a way to get these specific invoice to enter on their…
  • Microsoft Access closes when I try to delete data in a field and refresh. How can I delete the data?

    When I delete data in a field in Microsoft Access and refresh, the application closes. It only happens with the one specific field "Vendor_Custom_Fields_Nots" from the APM_MASTER_VENDOR_CUSTOM_FIELDS table. I accidentally entered data in a field and now…
  • ACH Payments and lien waivers

    What process do you use for lien waivers when you are issuing an ACH payment? Will the system email the lien waiver also? We hold checks until the signed lien waiver comes back but are switching over to ACH and was wondering what other companies do
  • Bank account created in CM is not showing in AP when trying to generate crystal reports.

    We have created a new bank account in CM module and the transactions are correct going but when trying to generate crystal report in AP module the particular bank name is not listed.The CM and AP module details and not sync. In order to generate crystal…