• Cost Code Changes

    What is the proper way to change a cost code from the original estimate? The original estimate was entered thru JC - Tasks - enter Estimates, as one amount now the PM wants to break out that one amount into multiple cost codes.
  • Payroll check not printing.

    I have an employee who's check is processed but will not print. It's a $0 check because it's all going to 401K but it should still complete the payroll process.
  • Record ACH payment under Manual/Print Quick checks

    My company has many ACH payments set up in our banking system so we have to record all those payments in Sage. I am the new to the company so I am not aware of the steps of how to record it. I have a couple of questions below. 1. Should I enter any…
  • Entering Payroll Time

    I enter my payroll time manually, can I enter time over the course of 2 days and not lose anything I have already entered
  • Project Management

    Can someone direct me to a knowledgebase bulletin about entering approved change orders in PJ?
  • Recording bank interest

    I am new to Sage and have been cleaning up a big mess where I am working. Reconciling old bank statement. I know how to record interest in other programs but how do you record interest in Sage?
  • unapply AR invoices

    good day, how do i unapply AR invoices that is applied for July 2023 and January 2024 invoices Thank you Maphuti
  • Transactions hitting a suspense account

    I have a transaction hitting a suspense account. As far as I know when there is maybe a posting error sage will automatically post an amount to a suspense account? We dont post to a suspense account for anything. A check written out of one of our companies…
  • Entering Invoice

    If an invoice is going to be paid via ACH through my business' bank account, should I enter this invoice into my regular A/P entries or through a quick check entry where I indicate what check number I want to give it?
  • GL Entries

    Can you delete a GL entry after it is posted?
  • GL out of balance - shows previous balance

    Is there a way to tell if there are entries for a prior year that need to be closed? GL out of balance - showing previous balance - want to see what it is.
  • Document Scanning

    How do I set up my scanner [Epson ES-400II] to scan documents directly to the AP Invoice I am entering? I know I can scan the document and then attach it to the invoice after entering the invoice, but I want to scan it directly into Sage as part of…
  • AR Pending Post

    I encountered an error while posting a cash receipt to a future period. I have tried the normal fixes making sure that everything is posted and even tried looking to see if there was a pending deposit sitting out there and nothing is there. I need to…
  • Invoice Posted Incorrect Date

    Invoice posted to 8/21/32 instead of 8/21/23. Year ending 10/31/23 is completed. Just noticed error, obviously it affected AP and Job Cost GL. Since invoice paid 8/21/23 the open payables for that vendor is showing a negative number. Screwed up on…
  • Accounts Payable - Voided Checks (dates)

    A check was voided using prior year (they forgot to change the date and just used original). Is there a way to turn off the function for using the original date or to change the setting so that it will not default to original date and use the current…
  • AP Invoice Entries to Future Date

    If an invoice is entered to a future date and you realize that and enter a negative invoice to same date to back out previous entry, these entries are rejected and stay in Post Entries Report - can you delete these entries or do they need to stay there…

    Hi Everyone, what does this mean? when i post in contracts for some reason I am getting this message for transactions from years ago and they are showing rejected? Please help!
  • If I forgot to close January P/R before starting first payroll for February 2,

    can I still close January while the payroll entries for February are processed but still in the new file?
  • GL entries

    Can I make GL entries to closed years?
  • Reverse Retainage from Posted and Paid AP Invoices

    I need to remove retainage from posted and paid AP invoices for one vendor. Our PM approved a retainage invoice as a regular invoice. It got posted and paid. Now I need to get rid of the retainage balance for this vendor on a job.
  • Wyoming Work Comp

    Wyoming has a Work Comp calculation of 58.00 per year. Does anyone have any advice on how to set that up?
  • Direct Cost - Labor in Cost Based Billings

    We are trying to get lines of labor into our T&M cost based billing jobs. We enter the labor through the JC Direct Costs table using category (L). The transaction date is the date worked, the accounting date being end of the work month. We are trying…
  • Closing old jobs in Sage 300 vesrion 2015

    Hi, Where I can find a training video of closing old jobs and move them to archive? Sepideh
  • Payroll

    Can I reprint a PR check after posting?
  • Accounts Recievable

    How do you process a check for a Refund from a Supplier without showing it as income or applying it to Job Costing? Example: We replaced a defective water heater, we paid for the water heater and the supplier refunded the price by sending a check. When…