• Marking jobs closed

    Can you use Access with an ODBC connection to mark multiple jobs closed rather than going into each job. We do not mark them closed until we archive, and I need to go back to 2016!
  • JC Cost Code SectionsHi

    Hi - does anyone know which file stores the "JC Cost Code Sections" form details (i.e. sections 1-4, descriptions, delimiters, and size)? I tried looking at TS_CUST_DESC but could not find it there.
  • System Administrator program

    We are working to connect our SAGE database through Microsoft SQL server. The System Administrator program is on our server, along with our database. The SQL Express program is on a workstation. It appears we need to put the System Administrator program…
  • ODBC connector to read and write

    Hello all, How to connect ODBC connector to read and write to multiple different 300 CRE files ?
  • API for Sage 300 CRE?

    It looks like this question has been asked before, but I am not finding a current answer to my question. Is there an API to connect to Sage 300 CRE Job Cost files?
  • COI - certificate of insurance

    Can I download or scan the 100+ pages of insurance certificates for our vendors, instead of manually inputting all the policy numbers?
  • Job Checklist Items not updating in database

    I am attempting to create a Power BI report with some of the data from Sage. It needs to pull data about the job checklist items. However, for some reason the Checklist_12 item is not updating in the replicator database (The one we use to push Sage data…
  • Job Numbers & Cost Codes

    We use AL Mobile for timesheet entry. When jobs and cost codes are entered in Job Cost, they are imported into AL Mobile at regular times during the day. If they are set to unstarted, they aren't imported; I manually change the status to "in progress…
  • Why is Timberscan and Sage not matching in the units column after a Commitment CO?

    Why is Timberscan and Sage not matching in the units column after a Commitment CO?
  • Excel to Update Vendor Info

    Can you update vendor information in Excel and have it import back to Sage? If yes, how?
  • AP - This program is about to close. See the journal in the following location

    We started experiencing this issue 2 days ago and it seems that we are unable to get past the error. When trying to make a payment in Sage AP, my user gets the following error when trying to submit: This program is about to close. See the journal in the…
  • Job list disappeared from Timberscan

    All of our jobs have disappeared from Timberscan and we can no longer select for routing. Any advice?
  • Connecting via SQL

    I work for a software dev company that is setting up an application for a client. They have been using the Timberline Data driver (using ttsimba.dll) to create an ODBC DSN to their Sage 300 CRE data in Access and run some update queries. We are replacing…
  • Import Direct Costs rejection "Non printable character found"

    I am trying to import a .txt file that seems to be correct, but all lines are rejecting with the reason "non printable character found (fld 1, col 1)." I have checked and double-checked my file, but cannot figure out why or what "non printable character…
  • Error trying to Move PJ Jobs to Archive folder

    We are trying to move closed jobs in PJ (Project Management) to an archive folder to reduce the size of our database, We have tried multiple times with no success. Things that we have tried. 1- set up a new dummy company to move to 2. tried to move…
  • Back Up - User.frm

    In the 'files to backup' instructions, every module says to include the 'User.frm (in the Formula folder).' We do not have a 'Formula' folder. I have done a filename search for user.frm in our entire live data folder but no results were returned. Where…
  • Update ACA Dependent table through ADO and ODBC

    I use Excel VBA macros to update vairous tables. I have an Excel spreadsheet to update the ACA Dependents database for my 1095 preparation. Despite the SQL query only selecting one record for updating, when I update records it updates numerous records…
  • Import Foundation Payroll to Sage 300 CRE

    How do I import payroll data from an outside 3rd party (Foundation) into Sage 300 CRE?
  • [SQLEngine] (31840)

    I am getting this error when trying to update Job Custom fields through ODBC. Has anyone seen this or know how to determine what the error is? Michelle Outler
  • Sage Paperless

    I would like to get some insight on Sage's product called "Paperless" vs. Timberscan? Any comments?
  • Not able to Read .MKD FIle

    I am trying to read MKD file using pervasive odbc driver but i am not able connect pervasive odbc driver. anyone help me on this
  • Is there a way into import into Sage Service Management

    We are considering an outside APP to track preventive maintenance and work orders. IF that system can export the info, is there a way to import that information into Service Management?
  • Contract line items and amounts upload

    Hi! I have a new contract with 195 cost codes and values. Is it possible to upload a list of cost codes with the name and the budget instead of manually keying it in via a CN module?
  • Accounts payable

    How to import data into Excel? Please help me.
  • Sage Pervasive License Service

    This pops up that it is not running. I have used the Sage System Verifier and it shows that is correct. How do I correct the problem? Thanks