• Save YTD ledger

    HI, I'm running a YTD ledger with multiple accounts selected in the ranges box. Is there a way to save this report as I have to run it monthly and it's very time consuming selecting multiple accounts each time?
  • Balance Sheet Total does not match AP Open Invoice Register w/ Cut off date

    The Open Invoice Register w/ cut off date for 12-31 is more than my Balance Sheet account. So it would seem that something is in the AP detail and not the GL. I do not have any unposted invoices. Is there a report I can run to identify this?
  • Report for Payroll Batch Detail

    I tracked and posted employee absences due to COVID to a GL account. I need a GL or PR batch breakdown report that states each individual employee and the dollar amount. Can someone assist please? Thanks.
  • Reports to help determine if we qualify for the next round of PPP loans.

    Is there a GL report that will compare revenue numbers from last year to this year that we can use to see if we qualify for the next round of PPP loans?