• Job Cost Reports

    We are relatively new to reports in Sage 300. What is the "go to" report to get the amount committed/paid vs. the estimate. Basically remaining liabilities I believe. Any hints to help us make sure this is accurate? We use SCPC as our Project Management…
  • Crystal and special tsar functions

    In the users guide there are these functions for AR but it does not tell us exactly what they are doing and how it is determining it. In the AR Statement (CR) uses these functions, but i am getting some strange answers. I believe it has to do with the…
  • 1099 report

    I updated the date in AP for the current year, but the misc 1099 report is still pulling amounts from 2023. How do I get it to populate from 2024?
  • Closing Accounting Month Issue

    When trying to close my Accounting month, for the last 4-5 months, I get an error advising "GL Master File in Use" and the Accounting cannot be closed. No one is using the Master File when trying to complete this task and the only way we've been able…
  • Change Order Detail Report/Inquiry

    Looking for a report or inquiry that provides the detail data below. Any suggestions? Job # CO # Cost Code Category Units Price Total Price Cost Total Cost
  • How do I get a report showing Vendor Statistics for a fiscal year in Sage 300 CRE

    I need to pull a report that shows all of the following information for our past fiscal year: Vendor name, address (CSZ) number of checks, total amount paid to vendor, Type of payment (Check, cc, ACH).
  • Job Cost

    Is there a job cost report that will print only what has been paid? We are needing to know what has been paid by cost code on a specific job.
  • Federal W-4 Filing Status

    What is the difference between Married and Married M2 in Sage? Which one would I choose for Married Filing Separately?
  • file formats

    I used to be able to save a report as a plain text (.txt) file and then open in Excel. Now even though I specify to save as .txt it automatically saves as .pdf. I can convert to .xls but I do not retain the forrmat (columns, etc.) This is a sudden change…
  • Why would a Macro DOUBLE all the entries within a job?

    When building a macro, if I select "new" file and "current" file, all the costs double when the report prints. This happens when there is nothing in the "new" file (everything is posted in all applications. All conditions are equal.) I've changed the…
  • Emailing Stubs in Direct Deposit

    My company is currently considering switching to direct deposit from paper checks. I think I've more or less figured out how setting up direct deposit works, but what I haven't been able to find is if emailing pay stubs is possible with Sage 300 CRE?…
  • Edit Reports with full version of Crystal Reports

    I already own Crystal Reports. Is there a way to edit the Crystal Reports from Sage with my existing license and not purchasing the Sage version of Crystal Reports?
  • Job Number Inquiry on Payroll and Invoices

    Is there a way to run an inquiry simply on Payroll by Job Number and export to Excel (not a report) I find the Sage Reports very clunky and hard to manage. Similar question can you run an inquiry with Job # and Amount Invoiced Thank you
  • Payroll report showing detailed company totals by pay date

    I am new to Sage and looking for a report that shows the pay details for the entire company. The Employee Totals by Period has the look I want, which shows a breakdown of pay items, deduction items, etc, for each employee: I tried adding totals at…
  • JTD cost showing on job cost report, but amount was not paid

    I have a cost showing on JTD cost in job report, but amount was not paid. We send POs to a vendor, but only pay off of invoices. In POs by job, it shows a PO amount and amount invoiced, but Amount Paid is 0. What do I need to do to eliminate this from…
  • Receivables

    I'm looking for a report that shows me the current contract dollar amount and how much we have been paid for that particular contract.
  • W3

    What report can I run to tie into the W-3 form?
  • Report Designer

    Does anyone have a way of pulling specified text from within an alpha field, from right to left? Example: Job Description field contains: Hudson - Model I want to report to be able look through all job descriptions and identify which ones have 'Model…
  • Gross wages and hours report for the prior year

    How do I get the Gross wages and hours report for the prior year and is there one that also includes 401k, Roth and loans on it?
  • Payroll Expense Check Only not on Check Recap

    Doing payroll and for one employee, I'm only paying them for an expense due. The $250 expense shows up on my time journal, Payroll Post Checks Report and the actual direct deposit check printed out. But when I look at my Check Recap by Employee, which…
  • How to record reissuance of check from third party (Avid Exchange) refund to not overstate 1099 vendor totals

    My company uses Avid Exchange to cut checks. We have a check that got outstanding for too long and Avid refunded us the money. How do I reissue the check without overstating the vendor totals for 1099 reporting purposes. Here are the problems I came across…
  • Cost Codes last used

    Is there a report or an inquiry I can run to show when a cost code was used last on any project, current or closed?
  • Job Cost Accounts Receivable Paid Report

    I'm looking for a report in Job Cost that shows what we've invoiced to a particular job, when it was paid, invoice number, etc. The Job Cost/ Receivables Aging by Job report only shows open invoices. Once the invoice is paid, it is removed off of the…
  • Payroll

    I have posted my checks but the report is showing nothing was posted. I am unable to print reports under "current" because there are none? How would i fix this problem? Is there a way I can go back and find out what happened? I think what i did was I…
  • Job summary JTD balance is not matching trial balance

    Hi, I'm closing month and job summary balance does not match with trial balance. It only total month to date and does not include total from last month. Any idea how I can fix this? Thanks.