• What will creating a new center do?

    We have (3) locations with one having a different logo that will slowly be phased out. What is the best way of organizing the service module based on region? More immediatly, how can I print a different purchase order template for some work orders?
  • Trial Balance - Mid-Month Date

    I am new to using Sage (less than 2 months) so bear with me! How do I get a trial balance based on a mid-month date? For example - a week ending date? Week ending 12/23/23, or 6/15/23? I know how to get one from a prior period using the roll back, but…
  • Is there a way to edit Schedule of Values template?

    We are looking to edit the way our format for the schedule of values outputs & prints, is there a way to edit this? Or is this a default that is unable to change? The same goes for our estimate template.
  • Positive Pay Report

    Good morning, I have a positive pay report that currently shows a 2 digit year (i.e. 11/17/23). How do I change it to show a 4 digit year (i.e. 11/17/2023) in Report Designer?
  • Month-by-month balance sheet

    Does anyone out there in the SAGE 300 CRE community have a month-by-month balance sheet that they can sell/give me? Thank you in advance! Mike Volan BAJA CONSTRUCTION
  • Import Commitment

    Hi Does anyone use the import commitments tool in Job Cost? I’m looking for a template to bring subcontracts from excel
  • How do I add the Controller Dashboard?

    I replaced my computer and now my Sage Dashboards are gone. Where do I find the crystal reports to link to when I select "Add a selected Crystal Report" in the dropdown?
  • Report Designer

    Good morning, I'm trying to edit a report in report designer that's already in Sage 300, Job Cost module (Committed Cost Status report). I'm wanting to add a totals line per job when running the report for multiple jobs. Does anyone have the knowledge…
  • G703 Customization

    Has anyone custimized their G703 to include a column for "net amount due this period"? Thank you, Tina

    looking for away for when it comes time to bill. How do you have PM's mark up billing so you know what to bill, instead of just printing drafts.
  • AIA G702-1992

    The AIA draw form currently we use in Sage is fine as we are a contractor. However we are now a GC in many projects and I need the AIA G702 - 1992 with the Architect approval section. It's a totally different form. Is there a way to get that form into…
  • Comparative Income Statement showing huge percentage variance because prior period amount is negative .06. shouldn't that round to zero before making calculations?

    the current amount is 1,470.87 the prior period amount is -.06 so my percentage variance is showing as 2,411,550 which is crazy. it should just be zero because the prior period amount column is showing a zero. Not sure how to fix this? I'm way too…
  • Canadian EFT/Direct Deposit

    I am wondering if anyone has had luck getting a 80 byte format for direct deposit from Sage 300 CRE. Is there a report that has been created that Canadian business can use?
  • Modifying pay check stub in MyAssistant

    Our current pay check stubs list the employees previous pay rates, along with their current pay rate. I would like to Modify check stubs to only show current pay rates, as well as modify stubs to remove all old deductions, etc. that are not valid anymore…
  • Report Design

    We recently upgraded to Sage 22 and now my reports all look different and do not fit to the screen. I am trying to update my AP open invoice report. The new report had a column for net balance. I went in and removed the column (so i thought). The totals…
  • Credit Card Template or file format guide for CC file imports to Sage 300 CRE

    I am aware of Sage Paperless for Sage 300 CRE as a possible solution, but is this the only option other than manual entry? Since you can import .CSV or .TXT files into Sage, I was hoping there is a template we could use to build our data import process…
  • Direct Deposit Forms

    Has anyone had to adjust their direct deposit form and move the address down? I know this is done in Payroll, Modify. The direct deposit form adjustment is set to 100 for us. It says to move the address down to enter in a bigger number. My question is…
  • Can you change the paid through dates on the AP Cash Requirements report?

    Can you change the paid through dates on the AP Cash Requirements report?
  • Cost Spreadsheet

    Can total committed cost and yet to commit costs be added to the cost spreadsheet for all open jobs
  • Direct Deposit stubs

    I'm getting ready to convert from issuing paper payroll checks to using direct deposit. What do others do for check stubs? Do you print on regular paper, order actual check stub forms?? Is there any requirement to use ordered forms? Or formatting issues…
  • Revised Estimated Costs

    Is there a way to revised estimated costs (including all cost adjustments throughout the course of the job) in the estimate spreadsheet in job cost? Also is there not a formula already setup in Sage that allows you to pull revised estimated costs into…
  • AIA invoices

    Has anyone modified the AIA billing form design in Sage to include the notary and Architect certification sections?
  • GL Sub Accounts

    Has anyone set up sub accounts in the GL using suffixes? We want to breakdown some of our expense accounts and are trying to figure out the best way to do this. Any suggestions would be super appreciated. Susan
  • Adding Payment Type to the Invoices Selected for Payment in AP

    I am trying to modify the Invoices Selected for Payment Report to show payment type (either Check or Electronic). Is there anyone that has done this or has something similar to use?
  • Does anyone have a Report Designer formula that would remove the parenthesis from phone numbers when imported from payroll?

    Does anyone have a Report Designer formula that would remove the parenthesis from employee phone numbers when imported from payroll?