• Job Checklist Items not updating in database

    I am attempting to create a Power BI report with some of the data from Sage. It needs to pull data about the job checklist items. However, for some reason the Checklist_12 item is not updating in the replicator database (The one we use to push Sage data…
  • 941 Report - use Period End Date or Check Date?

    What is the difference between running a payroll report by period end date and running it by check date?
  • NACHA File Bank Name Incomplete

    Hello, All! Does anyone know where the NACHA file is pulling the Destination Name field 11 (Bank Name) from? The name in our NACHA file is incomplete - only using 8 spaces and the allowed length is 23. It is correct at the Bank Account Set up in Cash…
  • Crystal and special tsar functions

    In the users guide there are these functions for AR but it does not tell us exactly what they are doing and how it is determining it. In the AR Statement (CR) uses these functions, but i am getting some strange answers. I believe it has to do with the…
  • 1099 report

    I updated the date in AP for the current year, but the misc 1099 report is still pulling amounts from 2023. How do I get it to populate from 2024?
  • Fully Exempt Employee - Payroll Setup

    I have an employee who wants absolutely no taxes taken out of their payroll check. (Federal and Wisconsin) Can someone please let me know what I need to do on the employee setup to get to this result? I put '0' in the Exemptions box but he's still getting…
  • Change Order Detail Report/Inquiry

    Looking for a report or inquiry that provides the detail data below. Any suggestions? Job # CO # Cost Code Category Units Price Total Price Cost Total Cost
  • Why is Timberscan and Sage not matching in the units column after a Commitment CO?

    Why is Timberscan and Sage not matching in the units column after a Commitment CO?
  • Entering Payroll Time

    I enter my payroll time manually, can I enter time over the course of 2 days and not lose anything I have already entered
  • How do I get a report showing Vendor Statistics for a fiscal year in Sage 300 CRE

    I need to pull a report that shows all of the following information for our past fiscal year: Vendor name, address (CSZ) number of checks, total amount paid to vendor, Type of payment (Check, cc, ACH).
  • AP - This program is about to close. See the journal in the following location

    We started experiencing this issue 2 days ago and it seems that we are unable to get past the error. When trying to make a payment in Sage AP, my user gets the following error when trying to submit: This program is about to close. See the journal in the…
  • Change Job Cost Code Status in Bulk for Closed Jobs

    We are working on implementing a Time Tracking software that looks at the individual Job Cost Code Status for choosing what codes/descriptions to synchronize. Sage does not change individual cost code status to Complete when the Job Status is changed…
  • How can I change the settings where I get an alert when my estimate goes past 8% above in variance rather than an amount in commitments?

    How can I change the settings where I get an alert when my estimate goes past 8% above in variance rather than an amount in commitments?
  • Indiana Tax Update 2024

    When will tax updates for Indiana be released?
  • Contracts

    Can a JOB have more than 1 contract attached and if so HOW do we do that? We have one project but two separate scopes of work and the want to different SOV's for the progress billilng?
  • Why would a Macro DOUBLE all the entries within a job?

    When building a macro, if I select "new" file and "current" file, all the costs double when the report prints. This happens when there is nothing in the "new" file (everything is posted in all applications. All conditions are equal.) I've changed the…
  • Emailing Stubs in Direct Deposit

    My company is currently considering switching to direct deposit from paper checks. I think I've more or less figured out how setting up direct deposit works, but what I haven't been able to find is if emailing pay stubs is possible with Sage 300 CRE?…
  • Edit Reports with full version of Crystal Reports

    I already own Crystal Reports. Is there a way to edit the Crystal Reports from Sage with my existing license and not purchasing the Sage version of Crystal Reports?
  • Receivables

    I'm looking for a report that shows me the current contract dollar amount and how much we have been paid for that particular contract.
  • Sage 300 CRE Change Order Doubling Total

    I have 3 users that are creating change orders in Sage Construction Management (all on the same project) and when they are passed along to Sage Job Cost the change order total is somehow doubling. This only affects positive change orders. Is there something…
  • Document Scanning

    How do I set up my scanner [Epson ES-400II] to scan documents directly to the AP Invoice I am entering? I know I can scan the document and then attach it to the invoice after entering the invoice, but I want to scan it directly into Sage as part of…
  • Payroll Expense Check Only not on Check Recap

    Doing payroll and for one employee, I'm only paying them for an expense due. The $250 expense shows up on my time journal, Payroll Post Checks Report and the actual direct deposit check printed out. But when I look at my Check Recap by Employee, which…
  • Fix Prior Year Retained Earnings

    Recently closed out fiscal year 2023 in the GL Module and our income posted to the incorrect retained earnings account. How would I reverse this post the earnings to the appropriate GL account?
  • Register Balance not matching Statement ending balance

    I added a wdl transaction to a bank account via the CM edit register, and my register balance is lower than the statement ending balance by exactly the amount of this one transaction. This was in october of 2023. Now when i run the reconciliation report…
  • Job Cost Accounts Receivable Paid Report

    I'm looking for a report in Job Cost that shows what we've invoiced to a particular job, when it was paid, invoice number, etc. The Job Cost/ Receivables Aging by Job report only shows open invoices. Once the invoice is paid, it is removed off of the…