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What is the purpose of the rounding tab on the Database Item. For example, I have tried to round up to the closest drywall board (32 sq ft) or in the case of labor, to the next whole day. However, this feature does not seem to work. Am I missing a step?

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    Rounding set on the item windows is only applied when printing a report. In this case, if you want the quantities rounded on reports, there is a Round quantities option on the Report Options dialog.

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    Thank you for your timely response, but I'm not looking to round item quantities.

    What I'm trying to accomplish is to round the Labor, Equipment and Material within the item to whole units, for example if the labor for a particular activity is calculated as 4 m-h, I would want to go to full day so in effect, rounding the labor to the next 8 m-h.  Or in the case of concrete, I would want the material to be round up to each 10 CY (average delivery truck size).

    I expected the rounding tab on the database item entry form would do that,  but it looks it does not.

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    It does work, you just have to take into account the units and conversion.

    So it sounds like for concrete material you'd like truck loads.  and your conversion is 10CY/Load - enter that in.   You would then set the rounding to "up to the nearest "Load"

    And on labor you are looking for Days.   Conversion is 8 hr / Day and you are rounding up to the nearest Day.

    In my attached example I have 5463 of vapor barrier and 2000sf/roll and rounding up to the nearest roll giving me 3 rolls.  Enjoy!

    Then when you print reports - chose combine items and round quantities and you get 3 rolls @ 375 / roll = $1125.

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    Mike, thank you so much for your timely and detailed response.  

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    You can also turn on the columns on the spreadsheet  for labor quantity and material quantity etc so you can see what rounding is taking place separate from the takeoff quantity. Perhaps rename your column heading "Rounded Quantity" and then save a spreadsheet layout that can be used by you/ all so all those settings come up with your newer estimates if you make that your default layout.

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    I tried the rounding the labor, but since I calculate the labor in crew-hrs, the input on the rounding tab should be Up to closest 8 ch.  See screenshots below.

    The takeoff quantity is 733 CY so the rounded total hours for a crew of 4 men should be ROUND (733/20*4,0) = 148, but Sage still calculates it without rounding, showing 147.  Am I doing anything wrong?

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    Actually the answer on the screen of 147 is correct (146.6 with no decimals) You get the rounded quantities by using the reports by selecting "round quantities" check box.   I am not aware of any rounding that can take place on the spreadsheet other than by the number of decimals.  Set up a default printout layout to take into account this anomaly you are dealing with.  Further the price columns take into account waste factors - so turn on Waste column if you want to see another reason why the price doesn't equal takeoff  x price.   I wont even go into productivity factors - but they are another multiplier on the columns.