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I'm wondering how labor productivity interacts with crews. If i change my crew from two resources to three, do i have to adjust my labor productivity to account for those added resources? 

I'd like my labor productivity to be calculated per "resources", so one employee does x amount of work per x amount of time. That way if i change my crew while estimating, then my labour hours are still correct, would that be something feasible? 

Right now, what seems to happen is that if i double the resources in my crew, the labour hours are not half the time, they are double the time which does not seem to make sense to me. If not could someone explain to me how crews are meant to be used?

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    You have several different units of time you can use on your items.  Man hour, mh assumes that each person on the crew can achieve that productivity.  ch, crew hour, assumes that it takes the entire crew to achieve that productivity. So what about generic hours, hour or hr.  If your database is set to Average a generic hr is treated like a man hour (I believe they've changed it to 'person hour' in 22.1).  If the database is set to Total, the generic hour is treated like a crew hour.  You can see how your database is set by looking at the Default crew pricing field on the info page for an estimate.  You can change it in the Database area of Management Console. 

    Make sure you have a backup of your database before you change it.  The system will automatically adjust productivity on the items to reflect the crew composition if you change from average to total (or vice versa)  For instance, if you change from Total to Average and have an item with 2 crew members on it the system will divide the productivity by 2. Using mh and ch makes it more understandable.

    Based on your questions it sounds like you need to use mh or set your database to Average

    Hope this helped.

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    I finally understood how the system thinks and works. Your answer was spot on. Thank you for the information Gary!

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